Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom

How to Link and Back up your game

How to Link and Back up your game
Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom Guide

Wolf Game is a long term adventure that you will be playing for sometime. You may find that you need to move the game to a new device or just back it up so that it is safe in case of problems in the future.

Linking your game to an external account allows you to then load the game on any other device and log back into your account to reload the progress. Linking is the same as binding your account in other similar games.

How to Link

At the moment the game allows you to link your game progress to a Facebook account or a Google account.
You can find this option in the settings menu which you can reach by tap on on your avatar on the top left and then selecting the setting icon on the bottom. In the setting menu tap on Account.

How to Link and Back up your game

Here you will see the options to link to an external account. Select the one that you want to use and then log in to that account in the game to bind them.

Switch Accounts

Once this is done you can follow the same process on any other device running the game but select the Switch account option to then log in to your external account and recover your progress. This will overwrite any currently running game on the device so make sure it is not one that you want to keep, or if you do then you need to link it to a different account to save it.

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