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Hero Guide
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Heroes are an important part of Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom, as they lead your packs and give skills and bonuses to all of your attacks. Recruiting and upgrading the heroes in the game will be a difficult process but one that will bring the best rewards over time.

Hero Rarity

There are 3 levels of heroes you can obtain.

Legendary (Orange) - The best heroes

Epic (Purple)

Elite (Blue)

Common (Green)

The orange heroes are the ones you will want to be trying for but they are rare and will take some time to obtain and upgrade.

Hero Effects

Each hero will have a set of attributes that determines its own strength and any buffs given to the wolf pack troops it leads. It will also have a set of skills that it can use either in battle or as passive skills to help you development. A hero will also have an Appointment Effect that can be activated to give it a specific role.

There are also rating for each hero to determine how effective they are at leading each type of troops. Shown on the top right of the hero screen you will see the 3 troop types. Grey Wolf, Coyote, Jackal icons with a letter rating. The ratings go from S tier Down to D tier. When you build your packs you should bear this in mind to make sure your heroes will be effective with the troops they lead.

How to get Heroes

Heroes can only be obtained by getting hero shards. The shards will come mainly from summoning in the Valhalla structure in your wolf base. You will find this next to the waterfall. You can also get shards from some event rewards.

Hero Guide

To recruit a wolf hero for the first time you need to obtain 10 shards. When you perform a summon in Valhalla you can obtain from 1 to 10 shards, gaining 10 will immediately grant you the hero. If you get this pull from the summon and you already have the hero then you will receive 10 spare shards for it.

Summoning in Valhalla has 2 options, Common and Advanced. Common summons have a change to obtain up to Epic (purple) level shards and also many general game items. The advance summon has a higher chance of getting hero shards ans will give the chance to obtain up to to Legendary (orange) tier heroes.

You will have the chance to make some free common summons each day and an advanced summon every 2 days. To make further summons you will require items called Fangs that will make 1 summon each. You can get these from completing quests, and events in the game. As well as also being able to buy them in the shop.

Improving Heroes

Improving your hero will allow you to increase it stats and unlock skills. There are several ways to improve heroes.

Level up: This is done with Experience Stele items. Gain these from many in game rewards. Increasing the level will unlock skills and increase stats.

Evolution: You can Evolve your hero using extra hero shards that you obtain. You can use shards for the same hero or generic shards of the same quality (e.g. legendary). The evolution level can go from 0 to 7. This will also increase the heroes stats and also their ability level.

Skill upgrade: Once skills are unlocked by raising the level you then then also upgrade the skill level. Skill upgrades require Berries specific to the quality of the hero. E.g. Legendary heroes require Legendary Berry items.

Hero Guide

If you have any further questions about the heroes in Wold Game, please head to the Answers Page to ask there.

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