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How to Create New Characters / Make a Farm Account

How to Create New Characters / Make a Farm Account
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There are many reasons for wanting to play Wolf Game with more than one character. This means you can experience the game more than once. Try different servers, different alliances, and play different tactics. You may also want to use a Farm account to assist your main account with resources.

Wolf Game does make it easy to set up multiple characters although there are some restrictions. You can only set up a maximum of 2 characters per server / state under any account. This does mean that you can only easily set up 1 farm account.

You can work around this by creating a second account (on another device perhaps) and creating more farm accounts through it. But you must make sure not to link it to the same external account as the one you use for your main game.

Start a New Character

To start a new character you need to got to the settings menu. This is found by tapping on the avatar, top left, and then on the settings icon. In the settings menu you then select the Role Management option.

This will give you a list you current Characters (roles) and the '+' option to ad a new one. Tapping this will show you a list of available servers to choose from.

How to Create New Characters / Make a Farm Account

Select a server and then Confirm to begin the new character. This will reload the game and start you at the beginning of the story again.

To switch between your characters you can return the the Role Management screen again and select any of the active characters.

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