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Home Quests

Home Quests
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The Home Quests in Wolf Game are unlocked early when you activate the eagle nest. This allows you to scan the area of the world around your base and find the targets. You can then view Home quest screen by tapping on the Eagle nest or on the Eagle icon that appears near the bottom left.

A range of target markers will appear for you in the Home quest screen and you can also find these specific targets in the world map be looking for enemies or locations with the yellow ! icon above them. These quests are for you to complete only and are not available for other players.

Home Quests

Quest Types

There are several types of quest to complete:

Cave - A simple quest, just visit it for rewards.
This is done with the eagle. Chance of getting hero shards

Jungle - A 2 stage quest. Visit a cave location with the eagle to scout for what is there, then challenge and defeat the animals for rewards.

Hunting - Defeat a normal wandering wild animal.
This requires a free pack queue to send.

Jungle Tracking - This is a match pairs puzzle game. Just play the game and find the pairs of animals to claim the rewards.

Home Quests

Quest Rewards

Each quest will bring a range of rewards, you will get 1 rewards when you complete the quest and can then also claim a second reward in the Home quest screen. The higher the quality level of the quest and the higher the Power level the better the rewards you can get.

The quests will have quality levels, From Advanced (green), Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple), Legendary (orange). Higher quality quests will have better rewards but may be harder to complete.
The Home quests also has a Power level that will also affect the amount of rewards you get. As you get stronger and manage to defeat higher level roaming enemies in the wild you will be able to raise this power level by spending Gems.

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