Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom

Hints and Tips for Wolf Game

Hints and Tips for Wolf Game
Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom Guide

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Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom is a strategy building game similar to many others but does have a unique story line and theme based around Wolves. The game play is familiar but different and some of the game mechanics can take some effort to get used to.

If you enjoy this genre of game but want something a little different or if you really like Wolves then this is worth checking out. To help you along the way we have compiled out best tips for getting started.

Hints and Tips for Wolf Game

Game hints and Tips

There are many hints for the game that you may be familiar with from similar titles. This includes joining an alliance, which you can do once you reach Chapter 6, to make sure you have help in the game and can complete the many alliance based events.

As well as keeping an eye on the events list (top right) for any activities you can do for rewards you should also make sure to check out the quests, both main quests and daily quests by tapping the Quest indicator (top left under your avatar).

More specifically for this game, we can offer the following advice:

Follow the game tutorial initially and move through those chapters quickly. This will let you clear the fog that covers your home area. As you complete chapters and clear each area it will unlock all of the functions of the game including the tree of knowledge to let you research useful game buffs.

Research is an important area to build your strength. Although it is all useful, try to work towards the items under the Under the Combat section that let you unlock the higher Tier troop wolves.

For building / upgrades you will initially have only 1 monkey build queue. With a 24 hr trial of a second queue that you can use. After this the second queue can be activated by spending gems. To get a second permanent build queue you can upgrade your VIP level to level 6. This can be done over time or by spending gems. If you can spare the gems then it is worth trying to quickly reach level 6 VIP and gain that extra queue.

As well as attacking animal enemies in the world map you also have the option to visit Lone Wolf Caves. These caves are located around the map and there are hundreds to visit. It doesn't cost you anything to visit them and you can receive free rewards from each one.

And finally to make sure you get strong as quickly as you can you should always be training your combat wolves, pushing forward with building upgrades and very importantly, completing research int he tree of knowledge.

We hope these tips have helped you, if you have any questions for the game please go to the Answers Page to ask there.

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