Vineyard Valley: Design Story

Vineyard Valley: Design Story

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Vineyard Valley is a new design and build matching puzzle game from Jam City, Inc. the creators of the very popular Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. In a similar set up to the popular Homescapes game you will get test your brain as you play through matching puzzle games and then exercise your creative side as you build, renovate and revive a vibrant vineyard resort.

Vineyard Valley Hints and Tips

In addition to our guide of general game help here is a collection of advice for helping you tackle those tough levels and make playing a little easier.

Luck Factor
There is definitely an amount of skill needed to play these mach games, but always remember that luck plays a huge part as well. You need to spot the opportunity for the right matches, but very often no matter how wall you play if you don't get useful pieces to drop onto the board for you then you will struggle.

If you aren't getting far with a level, you do not always need to give up hope or resort to throwing in boosters or buying extra moves. Playing the level again (and possibly a few time) you give yourself a chance for the luck to go your way and drop some good pieces and let you gain the boosts to give you the edge.

Seek the Boosters
The in game boosters that you can get from matching 4 or more can often be essential to completing the level, they can all help in the right place. Keep an eye out for the opportunities to match 4 or 5 and if you can manipulate the items to get you 2 boosters together then a combo move will be yours to take full advantage of.

Join a Club
So far clubs are useful for gaining extra lives which will keep you going when you get stuck on levels without having to wait or pay. Eventually there will be more opportunities to get extra rewards from being in a club.

Don't follow suggestions
The game will look for and suggest moves for you at every turn if you wait a few seconds, this can be useful if there are no easy to spot moves and possibly it is the only move available. However it can be only a random move that the game recognises and will not necessarily be the best move for you to take.

Take time to consider the options and see all the moves that are available to you before using it.

If you have any more suggestions for fellow vineyard puzzlers please comment below and check out the Answers Page if you need to ask for any help.

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