The Girl in the Window

Guide and walkthrough for The Girl in the Window

The Girl in the Window
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The Girl in the Window Guide

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The Girl in the Window is another creative escape room mystery story game from Dark Dome, featuring some recurirng themes from previous games such as Nowhere House and Ghost Case.

You play as Dan, a curious guy who enters an abandoned house where a mysterious girl appears at the window. Now locked in the house you need to solve the puzzles and escape the rooms.

Guide and walkthrough for The Girl in the Window

Can you solve the puzzles and discover the clues to understand the mystery of Dan and Mia.

Follow through our complete guide to get hints and solutions to all of the games puzzles.

We will give an explanation of the methods for solving each puzzle as the game will vary the codes and solutions with each play through.

If you have any questions for any stage of the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.


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