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The Ants: Underground Kingdom is one of the many open world building and combat games available to play. It is similar in structure to popular games such as Last Shelter Survival and Rise of Empires. In this game though you swap the normal post apocalyptic or mutant infested wastelands for the tiny world of the ant hill. The game tasks you with building up your own ant hill to develop your own bug empire and to survive the microcosm.

The Ants

The Ants

You start out as the leader of an ant hill and you must explore, expand and organize the resources you have available. Recruiting Special ants to act as heroes and training a fighting force of different ant warriors as well as farming for resources and evolving to researching skills.The game can be complicated at times with many unusual structures to upgrade, research to do and enemies to face.

Starting or joining an alliance will be an important step in the game as many activities can only be done as part of a group and without protection in the world you can become an easy target.

There is a lot to learn in the game and much which you need to figure out yourself as the instructions are few and not easy to follow. We have here a growing collection of help pages to answer some of the larger questions in the game and of course you can check the Answers Page above to find more help or ask your own questions.


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