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How to Change State in The Ants

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How to Change State in The Ants

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The game divides players into states (or zones), each with a world map that counts as your home which you are allied to. Within the area will be the resources you can take, the non player bug enemies you can fight and the other players that you can ally with or fight against. During cross state events you will be able to travel to other states to attack but will return to your own state.

At the moment there is only 1 way to change state and this is limited to new accounts that have just signed up. So if you want to get your any hill to a particular zone you need to follow the instructions below.

New Games / Players

When you start the game you will be placed in the latest state to be added to the game. As the game expands new states are created as needed. This will be fine for most players as starting in a province with players of a similar level is recommended. However you may know of a friend you want to join or you may want to move to a high ranking state or just be setting up a second account and want to relocate to a state you already inhabit.

To change state the game will start you off with 2 'Newbie Teleports' These are special teleport items that you don't need to earn and will allow you to change state.

Very Importantly though, the game rules only allow you to change state before you reach Queen Level 5 and before your game is 3 days old. At these points your newbie teleports will no longer work. There are also only 2 of them so you cannot change more than twice.

How to use the Newbie Teleport
To change to a new zone with the newbie teleport you must play through the tutorial until you can access your Inventory (in the bottom menu). Once you can tap on this and select the 'Buff' tab. You will have 2 green newbie teleport items. Tap these and select 'Use'.

You will be shown a list of the available zones divided into sections. Select the one you want to move to and accept the move. Your ant hill will be placed in a random location in the new zone.

At this point you can remain where you are or if you want to move to a new location in the state you have 2 choices. You can teleport to a specific location, however you need to use an advanced teleport which costs 2000 gems. If you are a new player you will not yet have the diamonds although you can choose to buy them with real money.

If you have not yet joined an alliance then now is the time to do so. Once you are accepted into your first alliance you can receive a invitation to move to the alliance location. This allows you to teleport to a location close to the alliance commander. You cannot pick the location exactly but it will be within the alliance territory. We definitely recommend that you do this and save up your diamonds for a specific move later if you want to make one.

State Immigration

There are no immigration options open in the game so far which means that if you have passed Queen level 5 you will have to remain in the state you are in. If you wan tot be in another state though you can always start a new game at any time. Hopefully the option to immigrate will be added to the game soon.

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