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While watching survival movies can surely move us to the edge of our seats, wondering what we would do in an event of a plane crash—or at least whether or not we have the capacity to survive—is something that has crossed our minds. Luckily for players of Survivors: The Quest, getting involved in a real-life plane crash won’t be something they’d have to experience just to have a taste of what survival really means.

In Survival: The Quest, players are immediately thrusted right into the middle of action while taking on the role of a plane crash survivor. As soon as John, the first survivor, gains consciousness players must be quick to their feet to help John gather resources, recover items to complete quests, and discover a way to get out of the island and get home.

Since survival, more often than not, always means finding the most efficient way to tap resources players will have several metrics or gauges to fulfill. For example, gathering resources will entail a lot of Energy, therefore making sure your survivor is efficient in the consumption and recovery of Energy is essential. Other than that, your survival will also revolve around other metrics such as Hygiene, Happiness, and Hunger.

While gathering resources will be the primary goal in the game, the survivors of the game will also get involved in short bouts of Match-3 games whenever they will come across tasks that will require a little tinkering and organizing here and there. One interesting take to the gameplay is having the opportunity to manage all the surivors all at the same time. And since collaboration is an inevitable part of the game for the characters, making sure each of their Friendship level has been nurtured and cared for up to a level that will help each character make work—or any request—more efficient.

As with any survivor stuck in a foreign land, getting home and escaping the island must be the primary goal. But in this game, the survivors are faced with a mysterious challenge: solving the mystery behind the island’s curious ghosts.

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