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The sequel to the classic "Grand Fantasia Online", a 3D adventure MMORPG full of love and friendship, with unique warm and cute " sprite " pets and a hilarious plot, in a fantasy world full of fairy tales. Start a relaxing and relieving fun journey!

[ Explore the fantasy world ]
Enter the mysterious fantasy continent of Saphael, where mountains, plains, rivers and lakes are everywhere, and the adventure is no longer boring. You will travel around as a Sprite messenger and lead the Sprites to fight against the alien civilization together.

[ Cute Sprite, Personal Protection ]
The Sprite is a unique magical creature in the Saphael continent, always affectionately calling the Sprite messenger "master", and always follows the master everywhere. Quirky, arrogant and optimistic, your Sprite will successfully rise your spirits no matter what!

[ Strategic Teaming, Extreme Control ]
Build a super Sprite Fantasia team, equip the sprites with different memory cards, and cast various skills to defeat the enemy! Defeat a boss with thousands of strategies. Multiple skill characteristics such as powerful damage, defense recovery on the messenger, providing a variety of enhancements.

[ Dream Island, Personalized Life ]
Become the master of an island, you'll decide the operation and layout! Full 3D island scenery. Through the workshop, you can make various types of furniture, designing your own exclusive island, but also can send Sprites to run errands, collecting or making powerful and fashion equipment, all handmade.

[ Various outfits in one book collection ]
In the world of Saphael, there are many stories that adventurers will enjoy. Through the system of battles, quests, books and elven islands, the records of filling up the collection step by step will bring the character to grow continuously, and at the same time, you can obtain more than a hundred sets of outfits!


If you encounter any issues during the game, you can send us feedback via the in-game Customer Service Center.
Customer Service Email: [email protected]
Official Website:https://www.x-legend.com/spritefantasia/
Discord: https://discord.gg/y6Hjv9mE22
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpriteFantasiaglobal

Available Text Languages: Simplified Chinese, Korean, English, French, German, Thai.


Claim your Gifts through your Sprite
In Sprite Fantasia, you can use codes in order to claim gifts. However, the interface can be quite confusing when starting out, so you’ll want to know how you can unlock the redeem feature. Once you have completed the tutorial or reached level 10, you will be able to redeem your codes.

When checking your game interface, look for the small bubble icon with your Sprite in it. You can usually find this on the upper left side of the screen, but you can drag it and place it on a better location. Tap on the gift box icon there and you can use the Redeem button in order to get your codes. This can provide you with items that will help you in your game.

Adjust your Graphics settings to minimize lag
Sprite of Fantasia is a MMORPG therefore there will be other players in the game that you’ll find. The game will run depending on your current device’s specs, but you’ll want to have the best gameplay experience possible. Open your menu and check your settings, you should have the Display tab available where you can tweak a variety of options.

If you have a lot of lag in your game, you can reduce the number of players that will appear on your screen. You can also lower the FPS settings of your game if your device cannot handle that high frame rate. Checking the Game tab of your settings will let you turn of skill animations under control which will definitely reduce the lag in case there’s too much happening on your screen because of skills.

Remove other players from your screen
If you’re in areas such as cities, you might find that there are places where a lot of other players as well that are grouped together. This can clutter your screen since there are too much character models, player names, and icons floating around.

If you want to focus on your own character only, you can toggle a button to make the other players invisible to your screen. Look at the buttons at the top of your chat bar at the bottom side, and you can find an icon there that looks like an Eye. This is in between the gear icon and camera icon. Tap on the eye and you can make the other players disappear.

Progress through the game in order to unlock the Community Button
When starting out, you might wonder where your mailbox is in order to get rewards. Playing the game for the first time will ask you to play through the game’s tutorial, and you’ll have to level up along the way. Once you have progressed further, you’ll be able to access the Community Button that you’ll find on the left side of your chat bar.

This will contain your Mailbox, and lets you view people who pass by. You can add people to your friends list here as well, and you can see your block list in case you block players who harass you. Any gifts sent out to you will be claimed through the community button.

Try to join an active guild and make friends for bonuses
Since Sprite of Fantasia is a MMORPG, there are multiplayer elements that can provide you with bonuses. Joining in an active guild will let you play with other players in the game, and you can make friends along the way. Adding them to your friends list will help you gain affection which can provide you with bonuses. Improving your friendship with another player will improve your relation status, and this will provide you with Party Dungeon Bonus EXP.

Relations can improve all the way up to 6% Bonus EXP, as well as other features such as accepting auto parties, and being partners for marriage. Getting to join a guild will help you check who’s online often as well in order for you to add them as friends.

Be mindful of your equipment purchases
When playing Sprite of Fantasia, not only do you play your own character, but you’ll also have a pet that will help you out called a Sprite. Equipment can be obtained for your character, and you can also obtain equipment to make your Sprites stronger.

If you are purchasing, be mindful of the equipment and make sure to read if it’s meant for your character or for your Sprite. Some weapons in the game can be purchased in the mall, and you might wonder why it’s missing if you buy it, there can be instances where you purchased a Sprite weapon instead and it went to your pet.

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