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Sprite Fantasia - MMORPG

Sprite Fantasia Review - Classic MMORPG elements, with cute sprites!

Sprite Fantasia is a MMORPG available on mobile devices as well as PC. Here, you’ll get to try out various character classes and embark on journeys through different lands. With you, you will be exploring areas with a cute little creature called sprites. Play through various quests, level up your hero, and even change your class in order to move forward.

When playing through the game’s tutorial, you’ll soon notice that a lot of menu items will slowly pop up as you become stronger. This can include features in your game menu, as well as some various offers on the shop. The game is free to play however, but you can also purchase items which can help improve your items for your character, as well as card gachas that you can use for your memory skills. Some features in the game that require wait times let you watch ads to shorten them as well.

Since Sprite Fantasia is a MMORPG, you’ll expect grinds for leveling up your character. However, adventure experience isn’t earned by killing monsters in the field only, so there’s no AFK grinds here. Unlocking content will need you to complete a lot of quests, and you’ll need to establish your own routine for the different game modes such as events and dungeons. There’s an Auto Mode available as well that lets your character fight your opponents for you.

Starting the game will provide you with the choice of choosing from four different classes. In Sprite Fantasia, you have Warrior, Archer, Mage, and Priest which provide you with various game styles that can suit your preferences. Class changes later on will let you choose specializations for your character, which will provide you with more options for battle.

Aside from completing quests and leveling up, your end goal is to get stronger equipment, cards, as well as gear for your Sprite in order to increase your BP. Level achievements provide you with gradual rewards as well, and you’ll be able to explore more locations and use more features depending on how far you’ve come in the game.

Since this is a MMORPG, you’ll be able to meet other players as well, join guilds, and even make friends. Go on dungeon runs together and improve your relationship with other players, since you’ll be able to get party bonuses for going together. The better relationship that you have, then the better perks you get, you can even become partners with other players here!

Sprite Fantasia lets you customize your characters, and you’ll be able to get equipment and accessories to change your overall look. There are a lot of cute characters as well, and the skills animations look pretty. Being an online game, you may expect a lot of players on the screen as well doing attacks, therefore this might be demanding for your device. Thankfully, there are a lot of in-game settings that you can tweak such as turning off skill animations, as well as removing other players from your screen for a less cluttered experience.

With many locations in the game, you’ll get to experience a vibrant soundtrack that can match its atmosphere. You can enjoy fast paced music on dungeons, or even listen to relaxing tunes on your island. Different skill effects coming from the various classes in the game come with unique sound effects to match.

If you enjoy MMORPGs with various roles in terms of gameplay, then Sprite Fantasia is a great game to play. Each server that you join will have their own server level in terms of its age, therefore you won’t have to compete with other people that are way stronger. Play the game in your own pace, join a guild, make friends, and explore together!

- Review by Aryafortis (Appgamer Staff)

4.4 / 5.0
review by vhayste | Jan 12th 2022

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