Sky Force 2014

Sky Force 2014

Sky Force 2014: A Decade Anniversary Tribute

Sky Force was initially launched back in 2004. At the time, it was superbly regarded as one of the best games for its time for the mobile platform of the day. The design and game-play was heavily influenced by an earlier game in a much earlier console, “1942”. The bullet-hell vertical shooter game was downright fabulous, addictive, and a hit. It garnered a lot of attention from the mobile gamers of the time. After a decade thereafter, Sky Force 2014, has set its mark to yet again race its blazing guns to the modern mobile platform employing the same motif and genre where it once flourished.

The developers of the game, Infinite Dreams, managed to totally re-vamped the whole thing to uphold the reputation of the franchise and to deliver the much needed upgrade to the tribute. In the game, a lot of familiar sights will be seen, from the cluster of enemies to the hellfire of bullets, it is rest assured to give that nostalgic feeling of playing the good old stuff from a brand new game.

Like that of the original game, Sky Force 2014 delivers the same mechanics of a vertical shoot-em-up game tasked of course, to desolate everything it throws at you. Each of the level houses waves of enemy clusters that ranges from ground to air targets. To clear out any level, specific target boss fights will take place every end phase of the level. The number accomplished additional mission objectives will fetch a multiplier of base points if the player aims for the leader board. Stars that are gathered from enemy kills represent the game currency that is mainly used for the over-all ship upgrades. Other than that, the goal is to obliterate the waves of enemies aiming for you.

Starting off the bat, the player will be tossed into a fully capable ship. It will give the player the sense of power while reducing each and every target to falling debris into the sky. The ship is fully upgraded and can take on a few hits from enemies, shoots multiple bullets in every direction and will let the player breeze through the sky. Until you reach the stage’s boss battle that is. Regardless to how skillful any player is, the boss in this introductory stage will fry you and alas, back to stage one. Upon reaching this state, the game immediately takes the away every bit of that power it had you wield for a short period of time and will render the player stone cold powerless. This will then run you through more of the game mechanics, mission objectives and upgrades.

Running in a 3D engine, the visuals present in this unassuming vertical scrolling type of game is simply amazing. The accompanying audio sets a transcendent vibe of survival to destruction and is in no short of delivering an overall heart pounding action game.

Sky Force 2014 without a doubt is one of the finest shooter games out there, from the visuals, audio to overall game performance, it easily tops the charts. This classic type of scroll shooting game brings a reminiscent and nostalgic feel of the earlier arcade games, accompanied by the all tweaks that went in this tribute, the game easily up-brings an overall success to the title itself and the franchise’s reputation. For all shooter game addicts, another easy recommendation for there is a lot here to like.
4.0 / 5.0
review by Private | Mar 8th 2015

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