Run Race 3D

Run Race 3D Hints and Tips

Run Race 3D Hints and Tips
Run Race 3D Guide

Run Race 3D is a a very simple game but as you progress through levels the levels the difficulty will rise and the opportunities for a simple mistake to send you to the back of the field will increase steadily. You should already know how to play Run Race 3D but here are a few extra tips to let you stay ahead of the competition.
Run Race 3D Hints and Tips

Make use of the double Jump. Remember that tapping the screen again while jumping will allow your character to perform a double jump. Sometimes this is needed but at other times it can also be used to let you land a little ahead of the other racers. It might not be much but pulling out a tiny gap on each lap is all you need to stay ahead and not get eliminated.

Double jumping can be very advantageous when you are heading to a wall jump. When you going to be bouncing from one wall to another starting off with a double jump can put you higher up on the wall when you bounce first and may mean fewer bounces to get out. Bot players won't do this so if you are racing agaist them you should gain ground on them.

After a few levels you will come across a rope obstacle. Wall bouncing off the rope will let you move faster than grabbing and holding it. This obstacle has a really narrow corridor and you will need to grab a rope to pull you up. But if you jump to and from the rope, you will gain more speed.

Another good tip, and a fun one too, is to customise your character. Sticking out from the can be useful when racing other players that may look very similar to you, try to make sure you can tell your character apart from everyone else.
Run Race 3D Hints and Tips

And finally Don't give up. With practice you can improve on every level and with each new attempt you may find yourself with opponents that are new to the level and make mistakes that you can avoid. Let us know below how far you have reached in the game or if you have any questions head to the Answer Page. to ask it there.

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