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How to play Run Race 3D
Run Race 3D Guide

How to play Run Race 3D

Playing Run Race 3D only requires you to tap to jump and get a hang of the best timings for each obstacle to get past. But as you progress this will become harder and harder.

Each level is a set route through a course that you race with 3 other players. These may be real human competitors or bot in place of them. As you race at the end of each lap the last placed runner is eliminated until the winner finishes and is able to move on to the next level. You goal then is to get ahead and stay ahead
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The obstacles start out as simple gaps to jump over and walls that you have to jump onto then jump again to bounce off in the opposite direction and fling yourself further upwards. At the sides of the race route map you will find yourself jumping up in this manner or falling down to return to the start.

You can also double jump. This means that if you tap again while in the air (at the right time) yuo will jump higher still which can be useful and sometimes necessary. Mastering the timing of these jumps and figuring out where to use them is the key to success.

As you progress there will be other obstacles such as monkey bars to jump to to avoid slowly dragging though a mud pit (a well timed double jump will put you in the best position) and a zip line that you nee to jump onto the right place.

Practice makes perfect with each level and while you will want to progress as fast as possible, allowing yourself time to make several run throughs of each level will let you understand the requirements for each section.

The game also has coins to collect on the occasional bonus level where you on your own with no need to rush and win, but instead to collect coins as you head around. The coins can be used to customize your character to give them a more unique appearance and a different celebration dance for when you win.
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If you are having any trouble with the game check out out you Run Race 3D Hints and Tips for more help.

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