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Ronin: The Last Samurai is a melee based fighting game but with a style and elegance that puts it a cut above (pun intended) most other PvE combat games.

Beginners Guide and Tips for playing Ronin: The Last Samurai

While the game mechanics are simple, attack, block, parry, the fights are hard and you will need to develop a level of timing and skill to stand a chance of defeating your powerful enemies.

Accept Death
As mentioned the enemies you will face will be tough, even from the outset and your equipment and skills will not be a match for them. You will die, but you will gain resources and some equipment over time that will let you improve. You will have the option to use a revive scroll when you die to bring you back but these are rare. Try not to waste these unless you are fighting a boss level and can complete it with your resurrected warrior.

As with a real Samurai warrior you will need to practice, hone your skills and in this case also grind to acquire the better equipment and upgrade materials. In the main screen you can tap on the Sacred Scrolls icon near the top right and select Practice to learn the skills without costing your Onigiri.

Battle Tips

Deal Posture Damage to Enemies
Posture damage plays an important role during battle. When the yellow gauge below the red health bar is full a character’s posture breaks and he becomes stunned in a kneeling position, unable to attack for a few seconds. Breaking an enemies posture is the key to defeating them as you can now attack unimpeded and with a higher crit rate.

For the best posture damage to enemies wait until the enemy is about to strike you, press and hold down the block button to defend and parry.

A standard defense block will cause you some posture damage though and ypo must be careful not to take too much that your gauge fills up and you are downed yourself. If you are then your only course of action is to tap the defend and attack buttons quickly to try to revive yourself.

Keep moving and do not get surrounded
Enemies will tend to be on all sides and while they may not all attack at once you can get surrounded. Pressing and dragging the block button allows your character to move. The basic movement speed is slow but it is usually enough to keep a good position and there are skill you can pick up that will let you move faster.

Moving can also let you group enemies together which with the right weapon can let you damage them all at the same time.

How to deal with ranged attacks
The ranged enemies (eg riflemen) can attack your character from distance. Using the Block button while they do this will defend against some of the attack but you will still take some damage. Whenever possible you should prioritize these enemies and move to their location to take them out.

As you move towards a ranged enemy if your character turn to face them you can tap the attack button to dash towards them, quickly closing the distance.

Dealing with Heavy Attacks
Heavy attacks are usually slower than normal attacks and you will receive a warning when one is coming. If they hit you then you will take a lot of damage.

You have two options to deal with them. The first is to tap the block button to defend. This will save you some HP but you cannot parry heavy attacks and even if you defend them you will still take damage.

The second option is to attempt the Counter Flash. Just before the enemy lands a heavy attack you can quickly press the attack button to launch a counter attack. A correctly timed counter flash will both stop the heavy attack and also deal a critical hit on the enemy. A badly timed counter though will mean a devastating blow to yourself so it's a good idea to practice these counter flashes to lean when to time them. As above you can practice in the 'Sacred Scrolls' menu under the Shogun’s Soldier option.

Abilities are game buffs that will give you boosts to your character in battles. Before each battle begins you will have the option to choose an ability from three random choices. These can improve attack, HP, movement speed etc. Choose wisely and learn what works for your play style to make the most of these useful buffs.

Battle Skills
Your character also has a special skill available that charges up during battle. These skill depends on the weapon you have equipped.

You will find the skill button next to the attack button although it will only activate once the skill is charged. Your character will gain a special power for a few seconds which should be used efficiently to deal as much damage as possible.

As a final tip remember to log in daily for the daily rewards and check the shop for your daily free chest and any other offers to gain equipment and items to help you on your path.

We hope these tips and hints have been helpful for your journey as a Ronin. You will need patience and control to master this game and complete the many trials. If you have further questions please head to the Answers Page to ask there.
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