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Pocket Universe is a beautiful 3D gravity sandbox game built upon a realistic physics simulation, giving you the power to create, destroy and discover hundreds of procedural planets and stars in infinite space.

Create a HUGE variety of planets, gas giants and stars by customizing every aspect then placing them in orbit. Destroy your creations by bombarding them with hundreds of meteors or smashing them into stars, the choice is yours. Discover and unlock all worlds by meeting the right conditions, colliding with the right objects, and altering mass and sea level while keeping the temperature stable.

- The most beautiful universe sandbox game available on mobile devices.
- Massive variation of procedural planets, gas giants and stars.
- Name your creations or use the unique random name generator.
- 3D graphics that are out of this world.
- Black hole with realistic gravity lensing effect.
- More special objects to be added in future updates.
- Experiment with lots of pre-made simulations.
- Features all the planets from our solar system which are unlocked everyday.
- Interactive journal to track your creations.
- Share epic screenshots of your pocket universe with friends.
- Create the perfect conditions on your planets to develop life.
- Advanced simulated physics and climate.
- Detailed tutorial to help you learn how to play.
- Infinite simulation space.
- Save and load universes.
- Fully customize your creations.
- Lock objects in their positions to create crazy scenarios.
- Perfect for those interested in astronomy or those who just want to destroy the solar system.
- The ultimate gravity sandbox game for those who love space simulators.

Coming soon
- Repulsive gravity.
- Fully 3D physics on different orbital planes.
- View from the surface of worlds.
- Expanding on the life aspect of the game.

Any and all suggestions are welcome, please email us at [email protected] or tweet us @pocketlabs_
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Game Walkthrough

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