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Pocket Bees: Colony Simulator
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Pocket Bees: Colony Simulator

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Start a bee colony, forage for resources and build your hive in this fun strategy game from Ariel Software, the guys behind the similar game, Pocket Ants.

We'll be giving you the low down on how to get started and grow your hive with the best Pocket Bees cheats, tips and strategy focused on beginner players below. Look out for our more in depth Pocket Bees guide which is coming soon.

In the meantime if you are having trouble with anything specific in this game, feel free to post a question and see if the other gamers on our site can help you out.

Pocket Bees Cheats Tips and Strategy

This collection of tips are aimed at the beginner player, for more in-depth help check out our guide which is coming soon.

Breed More Bees
The first priority in the game is to get a decent number of bees to allow you to collect pollen more quickly. Tap the bee icon to breed some worker bees, which you can then set to collect pollen from a flower source as a group, this is much more efficient that just sending one or two. Aim for as many bees as you can until you need to upgrade your storage.

Setting a Flower as a Source
This is something you will need to do in order to assign new worker bees to forage from it. Send your character bee outside and find a flower. Once there, tap the flower icon in the bottom right of the screen, this will then show you 'Resource Target Updated'. You know have a flower selected as a source which you can assign worker bees to forage from.-

Now tap the bee icon on the left and the forage and breed options will be shown, tap the first option for your worker bee to forage bee and make honey automatically. Don't forget here to tap the + or max icons to actually assign the bees! then click confirm.

Your worker bee, or bees will now forage from that selected flower source until it has been depleted.

Check Out The Missions List
If you are not sure what you should be doing next in the game, check out the missions list, this is the diploma icon on the right of the screen, this shows you the current outstanding daily missions and it's where you can collect.

There are two tabs to choose from the first will show the daily missions, but if you select the diploma icon in the missions window, you'll be able to see the story missions, this will guide you as to what to do next in the game, and allow you to collect rewards for missions already completed.

Increase the Size of Your Nectar Storage
Early in the game you'll need to increase the size of your Nectar Storage in order to collect enough Nectar so none goes to waste, and to collect enough Nectar to allow you to make other upgrades. Check out the upgrade options by tapping the hexagons on the left of the screen below the bee icon.

Upgrade your Honey Chamber
This should be where you focus your resources early on in the game. Increasing the size of your honey chamber will allow your bees to collect and store more honey which is essential to do the things you need to do in Pocket Bees.

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