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Ant games have a long tradition in video gaming, with the first one being Ant Attack on the Spectrum which was released way back in 1983! And while this game is completely unrelated, I thought I'd share that small piece retro gaming information with our readers.

Pocket Ants Colony Simulator is a resource gathering and base building type of game where to aim is to increase the size and strength of your nest. The game also has multiplayer features and you can raid other player's colonies for resources and bonus items.

If you are new to Pocket Ants and want to get a heat start in the game then this page of Pocket Ants Cheats and Tips will help you get started.

Pocket Ants Tips - Getting Started

First you'll need to know how to gather resources, for this you have to go outside of the nest, so head up the path until you go out. The first thing you'll be asked to gather is a piece of leaf, you can easily locate it as the large green object on the mini map, head there with your ant and tap select then tap the leaf.
Gathering Leaf
Gathering Leaf

Your ant should now have a piece of the leaf and he'll need to return to the colony with it and drop it in the food processing chamber (the part of the ant nest you just created). This will then produce fungus, which you need to take to the queen ant. The big ant in one of the chambers.

So as before, move your ant to the fungus, pick it up with select and take it to the queen and press the drop button.

First New Worker Ant Born
After you have brought the fungus to the queen, a new worker ant will be born and you can then assign that worker to a task. This process will be the same basically for all worker ants that are born.

So in this case we want to assign the worker to the gathering task for leaves, you need to first establish the leaf as a source, so go back with first ant to the leaf, tap the leaf select the source option, this will tell the new worker ant where to go and collect bits of the leaf from.

You'll have to do this for any new item that you want to set as a source for gathering.

Bring Food to the Queen
So with the source selected, you'll just need to keep bringing fungus to the queen to keep her fed and producing new worker ants. Check out also the Quests menu to complete everything you need to to progress to the next level.

Build the Leaf Storage Area
You can add more specific areas to your nest by tapping the colony button and tapping the leaf icon at the top of the menu that pops up. You'll need to build this leaf storage chamber in order to collect enough leaves to upgrade your food processing chamber.
Leaf Storage Area
Leaf Storage Area

Once you have built the leaf storage area, tap the workers and adjust them so that you know have workers just transporting leaves (the first option), this will build up your storage of leaves and allow you to get enough to upgrade the food processing area which is one of the first quests to do.

Now just check the quests and try to complete them to unlock more features and quests in the game.

Resources Guide

As you progress in the game, you will unlock more resrouce options, currently there are five resource types which you can collect; Honey Dew, Seed, Leaf, Food, Body Parts. Each one is unlocked as you play through the game and each one has it's own unique importance in the game.

Honey Dew is collected by gathering aphids and can be stored in the honeydew chamber. After you have completed the build of the honeydew chamber you'll be ready to head off and to try to defeat the fire ants which you can find on the mini map, after you have defeated them, they will bring it back to the honeydew chamber, but you will have to use ants to protect the convey as it returns to the nest.

Seeds are gathered outside he nest and can be stored in a seed storage area in your nest.

Leaves are the first resource that you are introduced to in the game, and are used to make fungus for the queen and can stored as well.

Food is produced by leaves and can also be found on the map, use this to feed to queen.

Body Parts are what is left over after you have defeated one of the insects outside the nest.

Buildings Guide

There are eight different buildings that can be constructed in Pocket Ants

Food Processing Chamber
This is where you grow your food, you bring resources here and they will turn into food for the queen.
Food Processing Chamber
Food Processing Chamber

Leaf Storage Chamber
This is where leaves are stored. Sometimes you need lots of leaves in order to make upgrades.

Seed Storage Chamber
Seeds are used to make your ants stronger, and here is where you store your seeds for use later in the game.

Queens Chamber
This is where the queen lives and where we she will produce more ants after she is fed.
Queens Chamber
Queens Chamber

Nursery Chamber
This is like an add-on chamber to the queen chamber and will allow the queen to produce lay more eggs at a time and in turn produce more workers quickly.

Body Parts Chamber
Here is where the left over body parts of other insects or arachnids are stored, use these to make your army stronger.

Slaves Chamber
This is where any insects that you capture are held so they will join your army.

Honeydew Chamber
This is where honeydew farmed from aphids is stored, use this to add bonuses to your colony.

Multiplayer Battles

The game features a multiplayer element where you can attack other players, to enter into battle you'll need to have soldier ants.
Multiplayer Battles
Multiplayer Battles

How to Play Pocket Ants on a PC

Pocket Ants can be played on your PC by using an Android emulator, there are a few on the market and you just need to select the emulator you want to use then connect your Google Play account to it.

Emulators such as BlueStacks and BigNox and currently two of the most popular Android emulators, and both should allow you to play Pocket Ants on your PC.

How to Download Pocket Ants

Pocket Ants is available on Android, so is freely available to download in the official shop.

Pocket Ants - Download on Play

If you are an Android player and don't want to download Pocket Ants from the Play Store, then you can also get the APK on the internet, a site such as APK Pure has the game available to download here:
Pocket Ants Download - APK Pure
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