7. Use the Forge

7. Use the Forge
PlunderNauts Guide

Not only should you be using the Forge when you have extra kit or resources, you should be writing down successful recipes and actively looking on the chat boards and the web for good ones!

Remember that there is an actual order to the Forge - for example there are key ingredients that are basic building blocks for recipes... Basic components will make Tech Modules - and Tech Modules are required for making weapons like Turrets in that order.

Generally speaking the longer a timer is for creating a Forge item, the better quality, rarer, and more useful that item is!
7. Use the Forge
To get you started, here are some samples that we found useful:

  • Big Spare Parts = Spare Parts + Spare Parts + Spare Parts
  • Blaster Armor = Hull Plating + Blaster Turret + Blaster Turre
  • Higher Starship Level Cap = Any Starship + Overhaul Bot + Big Spare Parts
  • Improved Shield Generator = Any Shield + Any Shield + Any Shield
  • Random Turret = Targeting Module + Spare Parts + Any Material
  • Starship with added Health Points = Any Starship + Starship Plans + Big Spare Parts

You should get some ideas from the examples above - for instance the Improved Shield Generator? That same approach works for Fighters nad Bombers, or other tech...

The same goes for armor to protect against specific types of weps - look at Blaster Armor to see...

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