Plague Inc.

Tips and Hints

Tips and Hints
Plague Inc. Guide

1. Start Off on a Wealthy Country.

Wealthy Countries have a high resilience to outbreaks which is far more harder to penetrate once the outbreak has spread all over the global news. Prevent this by altogether starting the source at the hardest countries to penetrate.

2. Island Countries and International transportation

Another issue that may occur is the capacity to spread to disease. Some countries that are heavily targeted by international flights and shipments are a good source of origin for your disease. Take the hint into your overall approach to the target country of origin.

3. No Lethal intentions

Whatever type of micro-organism you wish to employ, take a good monitor over its underlying symptoms. You do not want a potentially hazardous and life threatening disease from the start of your game. Once it claims a hefty amount of dead victims, people will take measure to find a cure.

4. Battle Harden your Disease

From the very start, (most especially in wealthy countries with high medical efficiency) upgrade your disease to potentially make it invulnerable to basic medication. This will allow the disease to stay resilient and will prove to spread and contaminate more progressively.

5. Choose Progressively Infectious symptoms

The more infectious the symptom is, (e.g. coughing) the faster the rate of contamination will take place in an area. Choose Infectious symptoms without lethal consequences early in the game to hasten the spread of the disease.

6. Cure Research as a Ticking Clock

Once the people started researching for a cure, it is essentially a war clock against you and your goal. By the time a research on cure is started, you should at least have more than 70 percent of the total world population infected, otherwise you'll sure to fail. Bombard the symptoms with lethality thereafter and focus on mutation and research adaptability evolutions.

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