Plague Inc.

Plague Inc.

Erradicate Humans with Plague Inc.

Plague the world and spell great disaster as you annihilate human kind with Plague Inc. Developed by Ndemic, the simulation game puts the gamer in control of nature's pace evolving the strain of a micro-organism of choice, to perform the next greatest pandemic and reduce earth population to zero.

In this game, the player makes the story. Start off as an unassuming form of bacteria (the first time you play the game) breeding through human hosts to evolve its DNA strains in order to gradually increase survivability through strengthening of key factors like the means of transmission, infection rate, and adaptability to different conditions.

The game revolves around an extinction level event plot where the player is tasked to overwhelm humanity with an outbreak. Challenges are presented in the manner of putting specific conditions like climate survivability of the bacteria, balancing of the development of symptoms, genetic hardening of the micro-organism, and the control over its progression efficacy with transmission agents like rodents, mosquitoes, livestock, water and air.

Complex statistics that influence the game includes population density, volume of international transports, level of medical quality of the originating country and its climate, etc. The goal is to balance the strategy of controlling the pace of infection rate without having to develop an early cause for concern for the humans. Setting the pace to subtle to aggressive behaviour is the key aspect to victory. Preparation to make the micro-organism harder to reproduce in laboratory conditions in its evolution will also promote resilience for future research of its cure. Lethality will come into play when the player chooses to evolve its underlying symptoms' severity.

The villains in this game of course, are the humans. The target world population that the player is tasked to desolate is close to 8 billion. There is no limit or time frame to where the player needs to accomplish this but a performance evaluation can be published through social media sites after every victory (probably to promote competition).From the start though, humans are really not to be of any concern. They live their life just as it is, and the bacteria promotes just as any ordinary simple colds or fever does. Once the evolution of the micro-organism exemplifies a cause for concern though, the fight to eradication between the pandemic and humans starts off.

The game portrays itself in a very minimalist manner. Its overall graphics houses a simple world map, an international headlines window on top, a few on-screen info toggle buttons at the bottom, and few animations of the transportation routes. The sounds presented in-game provides a very weary-mental kind of vibe which brings forth the necessary dominating feel of the situation. The game dilutes its simple graphics with its outstanding audio and the massive statistics it employs to deliver still an overall great simulation game.

Plague Inc., despite being a free game manages to deliver a worthy challenge for gamers that are into simulation games and the like. Although presented with in-app-purchases such as the gene modifications it promotes to help players beat the game easier, they are completely not required to enjoy the game to the fullest. Afterall, it's the game's own set of challenges that brings it to great heights.

4.0 / 5.0
review by Private | Mar 8th 2015

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