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Pixel Heroes: Byte and Magic is an oldschool homage to roguelike RPGs. With funny references, and self-reflexivity, it does lighten up the load of what is really an ultimately challenging game.

Mini Guide for Pixel Heroes: Byte and Magic

30 unique hero classes to unlock, each with individual skills and attributes.
Procedurally generated weaponry.
13 dungeons and bosses to fight.
3 campaigns to unlock, each with its own final dungeon and boss.
Permadeath, as roguelike and roguelites do.
A detailed graveyard where you can mourn your dead heroes, compare their statistics and see which of their choices led to their tragic death.
Completely crazy NPCs, each one of them with a significant storyline that you can follow to unlock cool stuff!
Tons of random events that you will encounter on your way, expecting you to make important choices.
Many achievements and unlockables.


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