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Negative and Positive Status Afflictions

Negative and Positive Status Afflictions
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The majority of the spells and skills in this game have additional effects. They are not just of burst damage flavors, they also have kickers to sweeten the deal. This goes both ways too, some of the positive spells inflict somewhat a negative addition, certainly in some cases, and this is only prominent with Frenzy. So what is Frenzy? That would be answered by the image, and of course, the further explanation in plain text below.

Negative and Positive Status Afflictions

Burning: Causes constant damage. The constant damage is based on pre-determined value within the nature of the spell cast. You can basically predict the damage based on what you can inflict on the current similar Burning effecting spell that you can get off the items / spellbooks that are dropped as loots within the same area or dungeon, or just before or after.

Poisoned: Causes increasing damage. Again pre-determined, but there are other parameters like the actual health of the affected unit.

Bleeding: Causes damage relative to current HP. This is mostly used by front row players, and does so inflicted on the front row of your party too, and vice versa.

Infested: Heavy damage when the parasite hatches. This is why ending the battles as swiftly as you can is necessary! There are so many effects that detrimental to your party members as the battle goes on and on and on. It is always about who performs the coup de grace.

Hard: Raises physical defense. Mostly found on armors, trinkets, and other wearable materials as a bonus addition. Comes with most of healing spells too. It is always handy to have this kind of special effect.

Soft: Reduces physical defense. Perfect to cast on middle and back units as they are mostly weak physically by default and has the front unit as their damage sponge. With your own range physical attacks, try to get them when they are afflicted with this status.

Witty: Raises magical defense. Not really much of use on most battles because it seems that physical attacks are more aplenty in this game than the spells. This is based on my playthroughs though, may not be the same case as the others.

Dull: Reduces magical defense. Absolutely fantastic because most of the times you can augment your magical attacks with your equiped items themselves.

Blessed: Deals more damage and healing. Damage increase is both the magical and the physical nature. Really amazing, and the Priest has this by default.

Sick: Deals less damage and healing. The reverse of Blessed, not much really if you are the one's casting this since it is less likely to have a foe who constantly heals. There are exceptions of course, but this is not a slot in your offensive repetoire.

Frenzied: Deals much more damage but reduces defense. This is mostly used by warrior-type heroes to increase their damage output. Easily mitagated by their higher HP, however, if you did not focus on building a tank, just don't use a spell that produces this side-effect because you want more damage, not just at the cost of your own life.

Concealed: Evades attacks with 50% chance. Amazing because it connects more easily than cursed. As mentioned, Physical Attacks are aplenty in this game, so this is the reason for it.

Cursed: Lets actions fail with 50% chance. More enemies are immune to this effect, and it seems like the RNG will favor them most of the times.

Stunned: Consumes one action to break free. If you get stuck because two of your heroes are stunned, and the remaining one has to "rest" for a turn, you can break out of the stun to continue the turn. A lot of people are having this "problem" when the simple solution is just to break free of the stun. Not entirely the player's fault because the game does not explain this anyway.

Confused: Acts in confusion on the next turn. Connects not as often as Stun, but when it does, it gives you free damage, if luck is on your way.

Barreled: Protects until the next action of the hero. Not a fan of this, because most of the times, this is synchronized with heal. Better raise your attack damage instead of protecting. It still has it uses, but the slots are limited.


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