Passion Puzzle: Dating Simulator

Passion Puzzle: Dating Simulator

Tips and Strategy
Passion Puzzle: Dating Simulator Guide

Tips and Strategy

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Here is a collection of some tips and strategy to help you get through Passion Puzzle.

Use the Power Ups

There are a number of Power Ups that can be activated before you start a Match 3 date game, you may need to buy these with coins, or you may have some already in stock and ready to use. If you want to use any, tap the box of the power up and it will be activated for that level.

There are some that will give extra points when they get to the bottom of a level, these can be especially handy to have.

Check the Mall Daily

The Mall opens on Day 5. Check the Day counter at the top left of the game play screen to see where you currently are in the game. You can find the Mall covered in a white blanket towards the center of The City map.

In the mall you can open prize boxes to try to win new girls, special outfits, rare pictures and more. You can use to for free once per day, or but more chances with gems.

Play through the game to unlock more girls

More girls become unlocked as you platy through the game.

For example after two dates with Emilia, you will unlock the Hotel and Chantal. After three dates with Chantal you'll unlock the nightclub and Ivy.

Unlock the Super Dates

Complete five dates with a girl to unlock the super dates. You will also need to have certain collectibles to actually play the super date games. You will unlock new photos when you complete the super dates.

If you fail to complete a date, then you sometimes will be given the option to view an ad to get the four energy back that you just spent on the date.

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