Passion Puzzle: Dating Simulator

Passion Puzzle: Dating Simulator

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Ivy is unlocked after you have completed 3 dates with Chantal. At this point, you'll also unlock the Nightclub venue.


Ivy Answers

Are you a real cop or just pretending?

Do I need to buy you a drink for you to get it?
Am I being hit on? Damn, I need another drink

I like them with a little bitterness, just like my men.
Some bitterness, huh? That describes me well. Let's dance.

Want me to handcuff you?
Only if you're gonna be the bad cop

Wanna visit me while I'm serving a night shift?
What about the surveillance cameras?

You go to that club way to often...
I forgot how to after meeting you

Do you like how I dress?
I like how you undress better

Isn't it illegal where you're from... You know, in the back...
That's nonsense

I'm usually the one hitting on guys, don't laugh
But you like taking the initiative.

Match 3 Date Game

Seeing as all the date games are the same for all the girls, we have put together a Tips and Strategy page that covers all of the match 3 games.

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