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You can purchase a number of new girls with the girl packs that are sold in the shop. One of the girls you can purchase this way is Yoli. Below you will find our guide to Yoli, what she likes and dislikes and all of the best answers to her questions.

Yoli Answers

What are you doing here? You'd get in trouble if you weren't so cute.
You're quite cute yourself. I'm lost, need to get downtown.

Just Yoli. I'm not from round here. My hood is much worse.
You're very nice for a hood girl.

Go ahead and ask me! And what if I refuse?
Should I say please?

What do you think about, when you look at me like that?
A lot of things. I'll tell you tonight.

You probably have questions for me? Go ahead and ask!
Do you like going for walks?

Do you find it weird that I'm from... You know... From the hood?
You're a wild rose

How about when girls don't wear underwear?
I need to check if everything is ok right now.

We have a hookah place opened. What is it?
Sometimes you fee like smoking something... fun.

So how do you normies go out?
Just like you, by feet. We just take it slower.

The army tried to recruit me. All those scary dykes...
And if they were pretty, would you go?

What are you, a tourist? Do you like it here?
Things are great as I've just me you!

You probably have questions for me? Go ahead and ask?
Pick any of the answers, to find out something about Yoki, or any of the girls if they ask you that question.

Favourite Color: Blue

Match 3 Date Game

Seeing as all the date games are the same for all the girls, we have put together a Tips and Strategy page that covers all of the match 3 games.

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