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Chantal becomes unlocked once you unlock the Hotel. The hotel becomes unlocked after you have completed two dates with Emilia.


You can find more pictures of Chantal and the other girls in Passion Puzzle on our all pictures page.

Chantal Answers

You're so... bel homme, I feel like I can trust you...
I couldn't leave such a lovely lady without assistance.

I am Chantal, from France.
I knew it! You are just so elegant

Walk? So quickly? Oh... I am so embarrassed!
I promise to be the perfect gentleman!

Do all men in your country grab their women by the hair?

The pics that I text you.. Delete them! I feel so awkard!
Why? I look at them and think of you.

Do I look pretty? I've been picking out my clothes to look nice for you.
You're always beautiful, why even ask.

Sometimes I really miss my country

That time when you and I, and we... Wasn't it too much for a fling?
A fling, what are you saying?

Sometimes I feel like you only want me for one thing!
Not only that, but that as well.

I want you more and more... I must be a bad girl, yes?
Even a queen has her secrets

Your hand and fingers... They feel good, but it's not me!
Of course, dear. Come, I will give you a hug!

Match 3 Date Game

Seeing as all the date games are the same for all the girls, we have put together a Tips and Strategy page that covers all of the match 3 games.

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