Passion Puzzle: Dating Simulator

Passion Puzzle: Dating Simulator

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The first girl you encounter in the game is Mika, she is an air hostess.


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Mika Answers

You said it out loud. A tourist, eh? You like it here?
You're charming! But how did you know I was a tourist

I'm Mika, the stewardess from your flight. You forgot...
I wouldn't dare to think that you liked me.

A walk? Hmm.. Keep in mind that I'm pretty strange.
It'll only be strange if we don't take that walk!

I'm alway's flying but you make me soar even higher...
Are you becoming an Astronaut?

Sometimes I like looking at the sun without sunglasses?

I'm so exhausted I don't like flying to far away countries!
Then fly into my arms for some much needed rest

Sometimes I think about what I would do if I changed jobs...
I can't imagine you doing anything else.

Guys are always trying to pick me up, why?
Because you're stunning, And you look good in that uniform

The way you're devouring me with your eyes... Should I be scared?
Sorry I should stop looking at you like that.

I used to work on a private jet once. Got a diamond necklace as a present.
Whoa. I couldn't afford that.

I want you to play with my hair, baby
Wait til tonight, sweetheart

What color stockings would look good on me, black or white?
The kind that I could see anytime I liked

Why do you like hitting on me in public?
Everyone can see. It's exciting

I just like hitting on you in public or not.

Match 3 Date Game

Seeing as all the date games are the same for all the girls, we have put together a Tips and Strategy page that covers all of the match 3 games.

Mika Stats

Boost Mika's stats by collecting special items in the match-3 games, or paying for the upgrades with Crystals to increase the points that you collect from the match-3 games.

Boost Sexuality for double points for red crystals.

Purchase gifts to increase coins that you get from dates and talks with a specific girl.

Tip: If you are short on coins, talking with a girl is an easy way to get more coins for just one energy bar.

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