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Park Escape - Escape Room Game

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Park Escape is a well made escape room adventure where you have to solve loads of small mysteries in order to make it out alive. We'll bring you the best Park Escape game tips and strategies on this page, and in-depth level guides for all of the puzzle in our Park Escape game walkthrough.

Park Escape Room Cheats and Tips

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Park Escape - Escape Room Game Walkthrough

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Chapter 1
Chapter 1
In the first scene you have to get access to the distribution box to turn on the lights. You'll need the screwdriver which is located in behind the ..
Park Escape is a clever and well made escape room type game where the aim is to investigate and discover the mysteries behind this old abandoned ..

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Park Escape - Escape Room Game FAQs

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How to complete the fuse box puzzle in chapter 1 at the Ferris Wheel.

First of all you need to use the handle to open the fuse box, then you just have to touch the fuses in a certain order to complete the puzzle. 1. Center Fuse 2. Top Left Fuse 3. Bottom Middle Fuse 4. Top Left Fuse 5. Bottom Left Fuse 6. Bottom Right Fuse 7. Top Right Fuse 8. Center Fuse Once complete, all of the fuses will be set in the same direction and power will be restored to the Ferris wheel.

What is the code for box in chapter 1?

The first code you need is for a box and the code is 2907. These numbers can be found by looking at the picture of the colored blocks on the wall in the room outside the park.

How to complete the control panel puzzle at the Ferris wheel in chapter one.

Use the following sequence on the dials. 1. Left Dial, press once 2. Middle Dial, press three times 3. Right Dial, press three times If done correctly, the Ferris wheel will rotate a little and you will have access to a carriage, to the carriage door and use the iron bar to open it. Go inside and you'll find a box which you can open.

What is the code for the door at the Ferris wheel power room in chapter 1?

Enter the code: 49172 and you will get the door opened. The code can be found at the Carousel, by removing the dirt in the center of the ride using the gas can and towel.

How to fix the first red and blue fuse box puzzle?

This is one of the first puzzles in the game, tap the red and blue connectors at the bottom to fix the connections and solve the puzzle.

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