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Mysterious Group Called The OutCats Hack PONOS Social Accounts, Steal Tonnes of Virtual Cat Food

Nov 20th 2023

Developer PONOS, which is best known for tower defence game The Battle Cats, has become the latest corporation to suffer a major cyberattack.

Play Now to Claim Your 999 Cat Food
Play Now to Claim Your 999 Cat Food

According to a statement published by the studio on the afternoon of November 19th, hackers managed to steal 100 million cans of Cat Food from a warehouse.

The purpose of the social media hack soon became clear as the criminal group, known as The OutCats, posted a ransom video to The Battle Cats's many fans.

Boasting of their theft, the unidentified group claimed to have been rejected by The Battle Cats nine years ago. They reveal that stealing 100 million cans of Cat Food was merely the first phase of their long-planned operation.

The second phase involves giving it all away.

According to the ransom video, every player who logs in to the game will receive a share of the booty, receiving 999 cans of Cat Food free of charge. Watch it below.

The Battle Cats was released for mobile devices in 2014, suggesting that The OutCats did not enjoy a long tenure before their ousting.

Since then the game has become a smash hit, amassing more than 85 million downloads and enjoying cult classic status among its legions of fans. You can download it on Android and iOS.

The player's goal in The Battle Cats is to send an array of cats into battle with an array of other animals, ranging from the humble squirrel to the mighty dragon rider.

There are hundreds of enemies to take on, and hundreds of cats to collect. To release cats from their Capsules, and to perform many other functions, players must spend Cat Food.

Thanks to The OutCats, they'll have a lot more to spend in the coming days and weeks.

Read PONOS's statement below.

19 November 2023 - 3:00PM PST

BREAKING: PONOS announces theft of 100 million Cat Food cans

PONOS Corporation has today launched an independent review of security after it was discovered 100 million Cat Food cans were missing from The Battle Cats warehouse.

A representative of PONOS was contacted this morning by an alleged criminal organisation claiming responsibility. Further investigation revealed more than 100 million Cat Food cans had indeed been stolen by the syndicate, whose demands are yet unknown.

This matter is currently under investigation, but we will provide more information over the coming days as more details come to light.

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The Battle Cats is downloadable for free at:

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