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The Battles Cats from developer PONOS is a cute cat based defense game where the object of the game is to send out cats to defend your tower, and for them to go on and destroy the enemy tower. The Battle Cats has been around for years, and at the time of writing in 2021, it is still being updated with content by the developers. If you've not played the game yet, and you are into casual gamers, then The Battle Cats it's definitely one game to try, whether you like cats or not! To help new players get started, we've put together some Battle Cats tips and strategy which you can find below.

Battle Cat Tips and Strategy

There is surprisingly a lot to The Battle Cats, which is probably why the game has lasted so long, but the game does ease you into things quite gently. We hope to add to the speed at which you become familiar with the game with this set of Battle Cat Tips.

The initial stages are relatively easy, you'll just need to send out your cats to defeat the enemy units. You should pay attention to the upgrade option in the bottom left of the screen, this will increase the max coins you can collect (you need coins to create battle cat troops) and increase the speed of their collection. You also get coins from defeating enemies.

Upgrade First
One good strategy to employ at the beginning stages of Battle Cats is to just upgrade. So with the game started, instead of sending cats into battle, start clicking the upgrade button. Once the enemies get a bit close to your tower send out a couple of troops to keep them away, and then when you are able to, activate your tower weapon to attack the enemies which are in range.
Upgrade and let the enemy come to you at the start of a round
Upgrade and let the enemy come to you at the start of a round

Early upgrading is a great idea as it will make you stronger later on in the round when the enemy starts to send out more powerful units.

Variety of Cats
Use a variety of different cats as they all have different strengths and weaknesses. The enemy tower will always send out a range of different units, so generally you need to do the same to make sure you are strong against all types of enemy units.

When Losing
If losing the battle, at the enemy tower, stop producing cats for a while and upgrade, then let the enemy get to your base and you can fire the tower weapon and fight back closer to your base. With improved coin generation from upgrades you may be able to push them back more easily and relaunch another stronger attack.

Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade!
It's really important, especially in the beginning, to spend whatever XP you have on upgrades. This may initially mean upgrading the cats you have unlocked, but it may also mean making some base upgrades too to increase your coin generation, base power and attack.

As you progress in the game you'll be able to unlock a larger variety of cats, either using tickets or XP.

Upgrade your Base as well as your Cats
Don't forget it's important to also upgrade your base stats as well as your cats. Upgrading options such as the Worker Cat Wallet and the Worker Cat Rate will help you gain coin more quickly during the game, thus allowing you to produce more cats quickly.
Upgrade Your Base
Upgrade Your Base

How to Get Free Energy
Energy is used in Battle Cats to play the game, once you are out of energy, you can't play any more rounds. Energy does come back over time, but if you need energy quickly, you can usually watch a video ad in order to get enough free energy to play another round.

Sometimes there are no video ads for free energy available, in which case you can use some spare cat food if you have some. We have the ways to get free cat food below.

How to Get Free Cat Food
There are a couple of ways to get free cat food in Battle Cats. The first way is to watch a video ad, if there is a video ad available you go to the cat food shop and watch a video ad this will get your some free cat food. The second way is to complete tasks in other games that may have a deal with the developers, again look in the cat food shop to check this out and see if it right for you, and to see what offers there are available currently.
Get Free Cat Food
Get Free Cat Food

The other way to get more energy quickly is to use cat food to purchase it. Cat Food is the premium currency in Battle Cats so can be quite hard to get.

How to get Rare and Super Rare Cats
Rare and Super Rare Cats can be unlocked at the Rare Cats Capsule, which is unlocked after you have completed the Japan level. This is a Gacha system where you use tickets to try in order to get some kind of random reward. This could be a rare or super rare cat.
Getting Rare and Super Rare Cats with Tickets
Getting Rare and Super Rare Cats with Tickets

How to clear Japan?
Japan is the first difficult level that you face, at some point the enemy tower will release a very strong tank unit, the best option is to stop producing cats, so the enemy come close to your base, during that time you are not producing battle cats, you should upgrade to increase the speed of coin production, then when the enemy are in range, fire the tower canon and start your defense. Once you defeat the tank you should be in better shape to complete the attack on their base.

How to transfer Battle Cats to another device?
You need a Transfer Code to move your game to another device
You need a Transfer Code to move your game to another device

Your save file of Battle Cats will not transfer to another device automatically, you'll need a transfer code to do this. Also be careful of deleting Battle Cats, if you do, there may be no way to retrieve your game data and you may have to start over.
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Its awesome! But I lost alot of my data when I was doing a transfer with my ipad to my computer but after I did it worked but then I closed the games and I lost the data on both! I almost regained my data... Anyways the game is awesome! 10/10
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