Ocean Is Home: Survival Island

What are the Resources and how to get them

What are the Resources and how to get them
Ocean Is Home: Survival Island Guide

There are a lot of resources to collect in the game and use to aid your survival. Here is a list and tips of gathering, in no particular order


Wood can be collected from sticks found on the ground or from woodstaks depending on your device. You can also collect from trees which you may need to chop. Collect as much wood as you can as it is needed in large quantities for fires, cooking and in the furnace. When chopping trees you should use a hatchet, this will be the more efficient way.

Stone & Minerals

Stone can be collected from the ground or also from mining rock with the ‘stone’ label. As you progress through the game you will need less stone over time.
Some types of stone also give minerals and charcoal. When mining for stone in large rocks always use a Pickaxe.

See Minerals for more details


You can find water bottles everywhere on the island and you can refill empty bottles at a well if you want to build one. There should be plenty of water to find though.


Depending on your device food may be easy or hard to find. On android the food cans are hard to come by which means you will need to hunt more.
You can collect and eat bananas found around the island but these will not be enough to sustain you alone.
Hunt animals to collect meat but you must cook this on a campfire before eating it.
You can also fish but remember again to cook it first.
You can also grow food crops.

Other Items

Seeds can be collected from Airdrops. On android devices you can also find seeds in the bunker

Coffee can be collected from the bunker. Coffee helps you by providing energy.
As it is rare you should use it carefully. Collect it and store it in an inventory box.

Fuel. Depending on your device / version you can either collect the fuel from a gas station at the centre of the island or from a separate island that contains the satellite tower and an oil refinery.

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