Ocean Is Home: Survival Island

Ocean Is Home: Survival Island Cheats and Tips

Ocean Is Home: Survival Island

Birdy Dog Studio
Mature 17+

Ocean Is Home: Survival Island Cheats and Tips

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Ocean Is Home: Survival Island Walkthrough

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Frequently Asked Questions
How to get your car back If you have lost your car in the water or in some other way you can respawn it be visiting a garage. On Farmers Island use ..
Minerals can be collected from individually specific stones / rocks on the island. Each stone will have a lagel letting you know what type it is. ..
What are the Resources and how to get them
There are a lot of resources to collect in the game and use to aid your survival. Here is a list and tips of gathering, in no particular order Wood ..
Tips for playing Ocean is Home
Personal stats Edit The personal stats are the health stats in the top left corner. Health Edit If you drop Health to zero, you die. To heal ..
Ocean is home is an island survival game where you need to collect, mine and craft your way to success. You have found yourself on a desert island, ..

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Ocean Is Home: Survival Island FAQs

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Is this game a multiplayer ?


How do I get black soil to build a garden?

With your boat go to hornet island there is a lot of black dirt on the ground use your pickaxe to mine it

How do I earn coins?

I have been playing this game for a couple of months, version 3.30.8 , and in this new version all game coins are bought with real money. The older versions you could watch adds, but that is gone now .

Where do I find metal Ore?

I found a lot of metal ore boulders to the side of the hills on the top right of the main island ... + 1 More Answers

How do I fish? I keep trying but it won't work.

Just click use on fishing pole when line is in water. you will eventually see a fish swimming around that will come over to your line then click the button that swings your axe. He will hit the line but its very fast. Don't need bait.

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Ocean Is Home: Survival Island Reviews

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It's kinda addictive as you run around collecting rocks, wood, metal, food, crafting like mad so you can build a house, tools, weapons, clothing. It starts out primitive and you go to advanced. You land there alone with a knife and wearing shorts. You find a truck and a boat, plenty of game and resources. You visit ..

4.8 / 5.0

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