Ocean Is Home: Survival Island

Ocean Is Home: Survival Island

Frequently Asked Questions
Ocean Is Home: Survival Island Guide

Frequently Asked Questions


How to get your car back

If you have lost your car in the water or in some other way you can respawn it be visiting a garage. On Farmers Island use the garage southwest of the spawn point. If you are on Hornet Island to to the southeast corner, there is a military compound with the garage outside.

How do I build a dock in the water?

You need to start with a foundation on the shore / sand. Then extend this with foundations / floors out into the water.

How do you refuel the boat?

You need to approach the boat and look at the raised square at the front or rear of the boat then press the hand button ( if it doesn't work try getting closer). If you auto travel to an island the fuel will be automatically taken fro your inventory as needed anyway.

Where can i find loot?

There are two villages on the northwest corner of Hornet Island


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