Ocean Is Home: Survival Island

Tips for playing Ocean is Home

Tips for playing Ocean is Home
Ocean Is Home: Survival Island Guide

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Personal stats Edit
The personal stats are the health stats in the top left corner.

Health Edit
If you drop Health to zero, you die. To heal yourself, you can use bandages or first aid kits. Crafting bandages is difficult and so is crafting a first aid kit., so try to avoid dangerous situations.

Hunger Edit
If your hunger drop to zero, you will start to loose health. To feed yourself, you can eat the following things:

Sea Bream Raw
Sea Bream Grilled
Raw Meat
Grilled Meat
Canned Food
Water Bottle (best as drink)
Try to cook raw meat as eating it raw causes you to lose health.

Thirst Edit
If your thirst drops to zero, you will start to lose health. Drink some water or eat canned food to restore thirst.

Energy Edit
If your energy drops to zero, a dialogue will pop up saying "you got very tired and fell asleep" and prompting you to buy (and use) coffee or save and quit the game. There are two ways to regain energy. One is to eat coffee beans and the paper bag and the other is to use a bed and press the butt

Password for bunker is 7364
It is a good option to build your settlement near the bunker as you will get nice loot inside the bunker, air drops can be found around bunker area and there are good resources nearby

Wild boar – Try to avoid confronting wild boar. If a boar attacks you, you will lose health and to re-generate health you need Medical kit which requires bandages, for bandages you need cloth and for cloth you need to hunt animals. Better avoid hurting yourself. Boar can be killed efficiently if you are willing to expend bullets to do it.

Resources are regenerated after sometimes; you will never run out of food or water bottles. For mining wood or stone resources travel some distance along the sea shore collecting various resources and when you come back all resources will be regenerated again. This way you can collect double resources on same route.
When you press Red button in the bunker for the first time you will get a missile with some loot :)

The satellite is located on a small separate island and you must be a certain level to activate it. It is on top of a large tower visible from the main island.
You can get fuel from the small island with the satellite mentioned above.
there is a farmers island witch is smaller than the main island.
there is a big road down the center of the map.
there was a big 2018 update where everything got moved around.

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