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Below you can find our hints and tips for Nobody Said it was Easy - continue reading to the bottom and you'll see some hints and tips which have been provided to AppGamer from the game author himself.

1.) Be Patient, Hold Your Ground, Do not Throw Your Phone or Tablet

Nobody Said It Was Easy is really not easy. This game, first and foremost, requires skill, and skills are acquired, unlike talent. So all you have to do is to learn the controls of the game. You must also look at its controls, how the levels are laid down, and where are the pits and the spikes.

2.) Try It "N" More Time

The game is all about trial and error. You have to learn first what went wrong in your first, second, third, and so on and so forth tries. And then you can try again with a different approach. As you know, only the insane people do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.

3.) Environment Hazard

There are only a few ways to finish a level. Sometimes there are one solution. Actually, most of the solutions for each level are just composed of two: the quick exit and the three-star collect and escape. The quick exit is the easier one, because you do not have to go out of your to run back and forth around the level to collect stars. For the three-star and collect escape, you do have to remember that when you die, you restart all the way back. The stars you collect does not serve as a checkpoint, there is no "saving" here. There is only tears.

4.) A New Thing is Always a Bad Thing

There will be monsters. There will be switches. There will be more hindrances to your success. If the level introduces a new thing, expect for the worse, as it will only serve as another obstacle to overcome. However, do not be afraid to die discovering what is that new thing, because you will never ever get out of the level without understanding your enemies.

And here are a few game tips direct from the game Author, Joe Rothenberg, just for our readers at AppGamer.

-- Remember that you don't have to collect all the stars to beat the game.

-- Don't always jump and run at the same time. Sometimes you need to jump first, then run at the peak of your jump. This is especially helpful in climbing tall steps like in 1-10.

-- Check "Help" in the Pause menu for a video demonstration of various types of jumps you can do, as well as a button to swap the controls.

-- You can see your death count in the Pause menu. If your death count is divisible by 100 exactly, go to the title screen and the character will be changed to a giraffe.

Joe is also publishing a level by level strategy guide which is available on the Facebook page for the game, it's written but the guy that wrote the game so it's gonna be the best place to find out how to complete each level with 3 stars - we can't compete with that!!! :)

We've been told he's publishing about one level per day from today - you can check it out by following this link to the game's Facebook page:


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