Nobody Said It Was Easy

Nobody Said It Was Easy Guide

Nobody Said It Was Easy Guide

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Run. Jump. Hit walls to turn around. Sounds simple, right? Just remember: nobody said it was easy.

"Easy to pick up, hard to put down, and even harder to beat." - Gaming Illustrated

"Beautifully simplistic, yet sadistically difficult" - Gamezebo

"Unique puzzles in tooth-grindingly difficult single screen levels" - Pocket Gamer

"A great little minimalist incarnation of masochistically difficult platforming" - IndieCade juror


- Super simple touch controls

- 100 levels

- 300 challenging stars to collect

- Infinite lives (No Game Overs)

- Spikes, Monsters, Gravity Flippers, Clones, Icicles, Evil Snowmen, & more

- Mix of action & puzzle-solving

- Hours of challenge

- Super simple graphics

- Maddening, hilarious silent film piano soundtrack

- Climb the Game Center leaderboards & share your progress on Twitter using the handy Share menu


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