Nobody Said It Was Easy

Nobody Said It Was Easy

Nobody Ever Did

Everytime I see an 8-bit game, I raise my eyebrows just a little bit. You know, I am very much familiar with the NES, so I know how difficult the games are, and they are by design, being most of the times, port of the arcade games. These arcade games are, first and foremost, made to get all of your pennies, or coins.

Nobody Said It Was Easy is not even being ironic. It is literally difficult. It is that hard, the question is, is this the good hard or the "hard hard", the kind of hard just for the sake of it. Good thing, this is the former, not the latter.

This is a challenging game, which is rare for a mobile game. It is not a bad thing if the game is easy though, I will just lay this down here first before you crucify me for being an elitist. But for those who are looking for challenging games in the mobile space, it is a frustrating hunt.

Nobody Said It Was Easy is free, but there is an ad banner on top of the screen. It breaks down the immersion of channeling the NES era, but the game has to be paid for in some way I guess.

You control a bluish colored person, or thing. All you can do is to run and jump in a single direction. You only have two controls: jump and run. The only way to change direction is to bump against the wall. This is a multiple retry game, like you have to try and try again because you will die so many times you will forget the meaning of life.

You have to go to the finish line (the ones with the flag) in each stage. There are three stars to collect too, for the bragging rights. But completing the stage is a bragging right in itself anyways. You need to be precise on when to let go of the buttons because everything needs timing. You need to jump on a floating block, good luck with that, as it needs timing and concentration. Hitting a wall in all directions will change the very direction you are taking. And whatever direction you just took, hope that there are no spikes to kill you or pits to fall on, ooops, it always has, always will be. Back with the three stars to collect, it does give another dimension to the game because you will have to change whatever strategies you were using, because collecting them is just another world for you to explore.

Nobody Said It Was Easy is great game as it respects how games should work. It should be beatable by skill, not non-sensical brute forcing. Patience is always a virtue, and when you play this game, bring it with you.
4.5 / 5.0
review by Jasper Nikki | Feb 16th 2015

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Review by GuestFeb 16th 2015
There's nothing like this one out there. I'm addicted; already in World 3. So simple to get into and you are immediately hooked on the endorphin rush you get each time you beat a level. Music is perfect to keep up your spirits as you perfect your skills (which you will get to use on future levels).
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