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Monopoly Go A Quick Look Forward to Next Season and Heartfelt Holidays

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Dec 1st 2023

After what seems like 3 months, because it was, we are now at the end of Epic Myths. I hope everyone that was battling in the closing moments of the season have managed to complete their goals of either completing a collection or the whole album.

Monopoly Go A Quick Look Forward to Next Season and Heartfelt Holidays
Monopoly Go A Quick Look Forward to Next Season and Heartfelt Holidays

If you are reading this while Epic Myths is still running and need a particular card, then head to our Daily Trading Thread to see if anyone there can help with a missing sticker.

So, what's in store for next season. Currently we know it's called Heartfelt Holidays, so we think that the sets will be based on those themes. We look forward to getting stuck into this new album as soon as it is released. Because as well as the new season, today we'll also get a new milestone event and a new tournament, so there is plenty to do in the world of Monopoly Go... Especially if you are writing about it!

While we can't really reveal much yet about the new season, we expect it to be run on a similar basis with 15-20 collections of 9 stickers, and the event to last a similar length of time as the previous season events, 90 days more or less.

I'd also like to take the opportunity to say a massive 'Thank you!' to everyone that has stopped by at AppGamer for their Monopoly Go information, whether this be the event information, free dice links, or any one of the hundred or so articles we have written about the game over the last six months.

Being an independent website, not owned by a massive corporation or have a large editorial staff, we work hard every day to bring you the best information that we can about not only Monopoly Go, but a heap of other games too. So thanks for choosing us when you see us in the search results or however you got here!

We look forward to carrying on bringing you the best information about Monopoly Go throughout the Heartfelt Holidays season and beyond.

Look out for our Monopoly Go forum coming soon (maybe today or next week), this was built out of the success of our Daily Trading Threads where so many good people helped not only me complete my Epic Myths album but many other visitors to the site with either individual stickers or a bunch of them!

Richard Gardner, Site Founder and Senior Content Writer

Richard GardnerWith over 20 years of experience in the video games and web publishing industries, Richard is an expert in all things video gaming.

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