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Improving your Heroes

Improving your Heroes
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Creating your team in Mobile Legends: Adventure will require you to choose up to 5 heroes in battle. As you deploy them on the battlefield, each character has their specific strengths in terms of stats. Any stat increase you can provide for you hero will improve their power. Once combined with your entire team, this will provide you with their overall team power as well.

You might be wondering how you can improve your heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure. As you progress through the game’s campaign maps, you will get to fight harder enemies with higher team power as well. One of your long-term goals is for you to make your heroes stronger. In this page, we’ll be checking out how you can improve as well.

What is Power?

A lot of hero collection games nowadays will let you have heroes with varying stats. When looking at a hero’s profile, you can see their very basic power if they are at level 1, and if they do not have any equipment on. You can view your hero’s stats on the left side of their profile, and this includes their Health, Attack, and Defense. Tapping on these stats will provide you with more details about their stats as well.

You can check a Hero’s power through their profile
You can check a Hero’s power through their profile

When you look below their level, you will find an icon with a fist showing a number. This is your current hero’s power, and this can be increased through a lot of means. The higher power that you have, then the higher the chances for you to win a match versus your enemies.

When preparing for a battle, you can deploy all 5 of your heroes on the field and you can see a preview of their team power on the upper side. Not only that, but you will also be able to preview the power of your enemies. This will help you check whether you can successfully finish a battle or not. Checking out power levels will be a common thing to do in Mobile Legends: Adventure, since you can find this in other features as well such as the Tower of Babel, Arena, Akashic Ruins, and more.

Your team’s power is a combination of each individual power of your heroes that are deployed on the field
Your team’s power is a combination of each individual power of your heroes that are deployed on the field

Your long-term goal when playing is to improve the power of your heroes in order for them to become better in battle. Every little improvement that you do will affect your team’s power, and this can change the tide of battle as well. You can even check out a Hero’s maximum potential power by looking at the Hero Gallery, you can preview heroes there at their max level and awakened status.

You can preview your hero’s maximum potential by looking at the Hero gallery
You can preview your hero’s maximum potential by looking at the Hero gallery

Ways to increase your Hero’s Power

Now that you know the importance of Power in Mobile Legends: Adventure, you’ll want to learn the different ways for you to increase it. Your hero’s current power will determine the outcome of a lot of activities in the game. Campaign stages will become difficult as you complete more stages, the enemies that you fight will get higher levels and power as well.

This can also apply to other features such as the Tower of Babel which has over 500 floors. Also, ranking up in the Arena will mean that you will have to fight versus other players who are also trying to improve their own set of heroes. With that in mind, you will want to know which areas you can check in order to improve your heroes, as well as your entire team.

We have assembled this table for you in order for you to learn the different features you can do in order to improve your power. We hope this will help you have a checklist of activities that can be done for your heroes.

Level Up
The basic way for you to have increased power is to level up your heroes. When checking your Hero's profile, you can level them up using Battle Points, and Hero EXP.
Provide Equipment
Providing equipment will boost your hero's power. There are different grades of equipment available, higher rarities have better stats, and you can enhance them to have higher levels.
Your heroes will reach specific level caps that will require a breakthrough. For example, starting from level 1 will have a cap of level 10. You will then need to evolve them to increase their level cap, and this will require you to use Advance Essence as an added resource.
Star Up
You can increase the star levels of your heroes beyond 5. Depending on your Heroes' rarity, you can increase their star levels up to 8 or 9. This can be done by fusing heroes as materials at the Fusion Shrine.
Once you have unlocked the Akashic Ruins, you can acquire items called Artifacts which can increase your hero's stats, it provides them with added skills as well. Artifacts are items that can be enhanced in order to get boosts.
Soul Vessel
This can be unlocked at 9 Stars and it's only available for SSR Epic Heroes that can reach that level. These are items that you can acquire specifically for your hero in order to increase their stats. Soul Vessels can be leveled up as well to get improvements, and it's one of the end-game items you can acquire. Soul Vessels are hero specific as well, and they cannot be transferred to other heroes. You can preview a hero's Soul Vessel by looking at the Hero Gallery.
Having specific combinations of hero types can provide you with increased stats. Check the Resonance button on your team's formation to see if you have a combination that increases your attack, defense, and more.

By knowing these specific activities, you’ll be able to check which sections of the game you can go to in order to improve your heroes. All of these will require resources as well, so you will need to manage some farming and saving up of materials that can help improve your heroes.

Make sure to check all features available in the game and create a routine in order for you to acquire the needed items each day. You also have daily and weekly quests, as well as features in the city and suburb you can check for free rewards.

This concludes our page on Improving your Heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure. Please feel free to check our guide menu since we'll be posting other pages regarding the game's features. You can check out our Answers Page as well to see if there's any information that can be useful for you. If you have any comments, please leave them down below. We'd love to hear from you!

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