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Mobile Legends: Adventure Tier List: Best Marksmen

by vhaysteMay 4th 2022
Welcome to our Mobile Legends: Adventure Tier list page! Here, we’ll be covering various Marskman characters/units that are worth focusing on so you can invest your resources on them. Mobile Legends: Adventure combines Idle RPG elements with automatic battles, having a balanced team will help out in progressing in your game.

Mobile Legends: Adventure Tier List: Best Marksmen

Please be reminded that Tier Lists are not “definite” measures of the character’s strength and potential. There are a lot of factors to be considered like the characters’ availability, their synergy with your team, their utility, equipment, etc. As such, please use our tier lists as what they’re meant to be - a guide. Use tier lists to help you decide whether you’ll want to invest resources and time to build a character. At the end of the day, it’s you who will decide which ones you’ll use based on preference and performance .

Tier List Reminders

In this tier list, we’ll be focusing on heroes with the SSR rarity. They have higher stats and better skills compared to SR rarities and those that are below them. It’s still possible for you to use SR units when starting out, however you’ll want to focus on saving up on your resources once you obtain SSR characters. Leveling them up, and improving them will require time and materials therefore you will want to make the most with what you have.

We’ll provide you with character overviews for our S heroes, and if applicable, some honorable mentions for A classes. Please be reminded that tier lists are not strict rules you must abide on. They are guidelines to help you out in forming your own team, you are still free to choose whichever unit you want!

In Mobile Legends: Adventure, heroes come in a variety of classes with varying equipment. Having a balanced team will definitely help out in terms of your team composition since the various roles complement each other. Your Team Synergy must be taken into account when you reach later levels and unlock more content, so knowing more about each hero’s skills will be beneficial.

Marksman Tier List Overview

S – Clint, Lesley
A –Mecha Layla, Irithel, Apostae, Kimmy, Amaterasu, X. Borg, Natan, Yi Sun-Shin, Granger

Mobile Legends: Adventure

About Skills

Even though if there are specific class groups in Mobile Legends: Adventure, each hero comes with a specific skill set which will make them unique. Learning more about a hero’s capabilities will help you understand more about their play style, and how they work with other heroes. Their skills are what makes them stand out, and you cannot change them unlike equipment, artifacts, and soul vessels. Here are some important reminders about skills:
* SSR and SR Heroes have 4 skills each, but SSR Heroes have a higher max skill level. R Heroes get 1 skill only.
* You won’t be able to upgrade your hero’s skills if you haven’t upgraded them to Mythic 2-Star (also known as 7-Star).
* You can only upgrade skills if you have Skill Stones which can be acquired from Idle Rewards, Events, the Time Portal, and Market.

S Rank Heroes

Mobile Legends: Adventure

Equipment and Class Light Marksman
Rarity and Type SSR Martial

Clint’s Full Attention skill lets him concentrate and enhance his next two basic attacks. This will grant him true damage, and extra damage is given if he deals a crit. His Blinding Smoke skill lets him deal damage, and it debuffs enemies which can increase the Crit Damage they take. Leveling this skill can also restore his own HP based on his damage. His Quick Draw passive lets his allies obtain a basic attack bonus, and this provides extra attack for Martial type heroes if you level the skill.

His ultimate skill is called Howitzer, and all allied heroes of the same type will add a grenade to Clint each time they cast their skill. Clint will then throw all grenades to his enemy. He can store up to 8 grenades, and this does burst damage.

Mobile Legends: Adventure

Equipment and Class Medium Marksman
Rarity and Type SSR Tech

Lesley’s Master of Camouflage lets her lock onto an enemy whose HP falls below 50%. This will increase her Attack, and if you level up the skill, provides a higher Crit Rate as well. Her Tactical Grenade skill lets her deal damage, and it will knock enemies back for control capabilities. Her Lethal Shot passive lets her deal more damage, the lesser the HP enemies have.

For her ultimate skill, she has Ultimate Snipe. This lts her lock to an enemy with the lowest HP, and fires 1 lethal shot. Enemies with HP below 40% get a guaranteed critical hit. She’ll also be able to restore energy if she eliminates her target.

== A Rank Heroes (Honorable Mentions) ==

Mobile Legends: Adventure

Mecha Layla
Equipment and Class Light Marksman
Rarity and Type SSR Tech/Light

Mecha Layla’s Claw Machine lets her capture the enemy with the lowest HP and drops them to the nearest enemy to deal damage to both of them. Leveling this skill adds control through stun. Her Laser Domain skill lets her shoot a beam across the battlefield to enemies within its path. Her passive is Supply Strategy, and this lets her increase her power level by once she is able to deal a damage percentage. This provides various buffs such as increased damage, as well as healing.

Her ultimate skill is Nowhere to Hide, and this lets her set up a mecha on the edge of the battlefield and she can’t be attacked by enemies. If all allies are defeated, the mecha is removed. This state lets her fire continuous projectiles instead of basic attacks, she can also stun and deal continuous damage. AoE can also be done through specific conditions for this skill.

Mobile Legends: Adventure

Equipment and Class Light Marksman
Rarity and Type SSR Martial

Irithel’s Strafe lets her deal damage to enemies in an AoE. Leveling this skill applies a Defense Reduction effect, as well as increased attack power. Her Force of the Queen skill lets her increase all allies Attack where Martial-Type heroes get a bonus. Leveling this skill adds Penetration bonus as well. Her passive skill is Child of the Forest, where she can fire 3 heavy crossbow bolts with each basic attack. This lets her acquire initial energy when the battle starts once leveled up.

Her ultimate skill is Heavy Crossbow, this lets her deal Aoe damage with her basic attacks, lowering enemies defense up to 5 time. Leveling this skill increases her attack as well which improves her overall DPS.

Mobile Legends: Adventure

Equipment and Class Medium Marksman
Rarity and Type SSR Chaos

Apostae’s Arrows of Evil lets her deal damage to an enemy and it stuns them for 2 seconds. Upon level up, enemies hit will lose 10% of their max HP in the next 6 seconds, and it restores her HP as well. Her Shadow Subversion skill lets her deal damage to enemies within a range, stuns enemies with low HP than her, and she can restore HP if she successfully stuns someone at level up. Her passive is Parasitic Evil, and this lets her add rupture to the enemy if they are under a control effect. This makes them lose 1% o their max HP per second.

Her ultimate skill is Chaos Collision, this lets her deal attack to all enemies and rupture them. Upon level up, targets that get rupture will also have their temporary attribute bonuses removed. This gives her a good role as a DPS as well as a Debuffer.

This concludes our Marksman Tier List for Mobile Legends: Adventure. We hope this information has helped you with your team building in the game. Take note that Tier Lists are never final, and they may be subject to change. Some Heroes in the game can get changes in terms of their skills through balance changes as well, and there will be more Heroes available in future updates.

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