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Mini DayZ 2

Version: 0.5.28 | $5.99 - $22.99 per item

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Mini DayZ 2 is a sequel to the popular Mini DayZ made by Bohemia Interactive. It is a zombie survival base building adventure game that is played in a top down view.

You play by leading a group of survivors that have come together after a crash on a zombie infested island. You will need to explore and raid for resources, unlock new areas and recruit new survivors to help you expand and upgrade your base.

The game offers a choice between being fully interactive with the raiding or setting your survivors off to auto raid locations. The idle element is useful when you have many survivors that you can manage.

As well as fighting and gathering you will also need to take care of the survivors health and well being to ensure that they can keep being effective.

Hints and Tips for Mini DayZ 2

The game will take a lot of grinding to get through the upgrades and be able to unlock more levels and better equipment. Make sure to use the auto raid option for any idle survivors that you have to maximize what you can collect.

It will be slow going at first as you will need to get each of the buildings started to get new recruits, new equipment and to be able to heal your survivors. Each of the buildings is important although getting the radio working to let you get more recruits will help you get the resources for the other buildings quicker.

When raiding early on you will be limited in your weapons. Melee weapons work well but leave you open to being quickly wounded. Be cautions and try to sneak or escape to avoid too many fights.

If you are wounded while raiding consider exiting the area to heal up back at base. If you are downed while in a raid you will lose all equipped items although your character will be regained after some time.

If you have any questions for playing Mini DayZ 2 please head to the Answers Page to ask there.
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