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Review by GuestJun 8th 2019
I like it a lot! Congratulations! How many levels does it have?
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Review by GuestJun 4th 2019
This is a fun game.... in the beginning. I agree with making it challenging but making it so hard that you are on the same level for days on end is a bit much.
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Review by GuestMay 31st 2019
Love the game, but level 149 has a defect. Says 1 book remaining when all are cleared.
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Review by GuestMay 22nd 2019
I enjoy the game it takes my mind off the crazy that life is offering. And helps me fall asleep at night.
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Review by Lindy255Jan 26th 2019
I have been stuck on level 77 for a long time so I had to find other games to play. Purchases are very expensive . Beating a level should earn more than 1 star.
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Review by GuestNov 29th 2018
Some of the games are so difficult that it takes days to win.
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Review by GuestMar 16th 2018
Great game. Levels are challenging but not too difficult. I like it a lot better than homescapes. Homescapes is way to difficult when you get to high levels. So far I'm around level 500 on matchington mansion and I've lost some but never got stuck for a long period of time.
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