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How do I clear the special elements in the game

How do I clear the special elements in the game
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The levels of Matchington Mansion have a wide range of different special items and object to collect or remove to let you complete them. Some of these are quite hard to deal with. The game will give you hints as each element is introduced to let yo know how to clear them, but often you need a little reminder when they appear again and you need to know what to do next. Let check out a few of the troublesome items and confirm the methods for dealing with them.

Basket items are 3 level breakable objects, meaning that you need to match next to them to break them down but it will take 3 hits to destroy them. Once they have been removed they will generate 3 purple normal cushions that will randomly replace 3 other non purple cushions in the level screen.

On levels with mice there will be box items that the mice will hide inside. You need to match next to the boxes to destroy them, some may take more than one hit.

Once a box is destroyed if there was a mouse inside it will move to a neighbouring box to hide there. If there is no neighbouring box to move to then the mouse will be captured.

Match next to the book to clear it. Books can have several levels 1, 2 or 3. Each level will clear when a match is made. You can also clear a level with a rocket of bomb.

Balloons can be matched in the same way as cushions if they are the same color to clear them, They will try to move each turn 1 place upwards by swapping with the item above them, as long as that item is not a fixed piece such as a book, roped piece or other obstacles. If they reach the top of the screen they will fly away.

Mirrors are movable pieces that can be removed from the screen by matching next to them. When you make a match they will change into the item that was matched. You can also clear them with power up items that will just remove it (not replace it with a power up item).

If you have any further questions about the obstacle items in the game please check the Answers Page to ask your question or if you have any further tips please comment below.

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