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How to restore my game progress

How to restore my game progress
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Whether you have changed to a new device or have had to reinstall the app you may find yourself back at the start and need to restart your progress so you don't lose your game level, unlocked items and expertly designed residence.

As long as you have taken the option to link your game to facebook (and claim the free 500 coins for doing so) then your game progress will be synced and you can recover it. Unfortunately if you haven't linked to a facebook account there is no option to recover progress.

Once you have installed / reinstalled the app you will need to reconnect to your facebook account and wait for the data to be retrieved. When connecting you will have a data sync option appear that will ask you if you want to use the previously found progress.

This may not happen immediately. It an take a little while for the data to update. You may also need to restart the game app before it updates.

If you have any problems with this please contact the games customer support and give them the full details of your game so they can help you.

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