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How to get support in Matchington Mansion

How to get support in Matchington Mansion
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Matchington mansion is a simple game to play but from time to time you may experience bugs or problems using the app. While we are happy to offer help for game tips and level progress we dont have a way to fix account issues or deal with game bugs.

The game developers have an in game customer support option that lets you contact them directly. To access this though you need to find the option in the help system.

Tap on the settings cog icon in the upper right and then select the Help and Support option. From here you need to tap on any of the help topics to get a list and then again select any of the question items that appear. In the upper right of the screen the search option should now have been replaced with a square conversation icon. Tap this to open a screen to start a message to the customer support.

As an alternative to this you can also contact the support via their facebook page at : or by email to : [email protected]

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