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Get matching and renovating with out best Matchington Mansion cheats and tips in this hugely popular casual game.

Matchington Mansion is an easy to play puzzle matching game in a similar style to the popular Homescapes. Play through a huge number of match 3 or more levels and follow along with the renovation of your own luxury mansion. Or at least it will be.

Here are our quick list of tips for getting started and playing well in Matchington Mansion. If you have any questions for the game please check the Answers Page and maybe you can help others too.

Matchington Mansion Cheats, Tips and Strategy

  • Collect all the coins you can

    Coins are useful in the game for helping you try try levels and restyle your mansion with new furniture and decorations. Earning them is easy but slow but the easiest way to make 500 coins in the game is by connecting it to your Facebook account. You should do this ASAP to get all the easy money and enjoy an easier start in the game.

  • Focus on what you need

    With each level having a set goal, you know exactly what you need to do. The thing is you only have a certain number of moves to achieve that goal. So you really need to be aiming for the goal from your first move of each level as opposed to getting the best score.

  • Connecting to Facebook is also important to backup your progress. When transferring to a new device or if you have to reinstall then you will need to have synced to a Facebook account to do this.
  • Save moves at the end of your game

    Another way to maximize your coin earnings is to play careful on each level and save up as many unused moves as you can. Every move that you have left at the end of the level is turned into a special tile which will trigger and reward you with some coins.

  • Always go for the boosters

    To get through those games faster and save the moves a good approach is to look for opportunities to match 4 or more and gain those special firecrackers and other boosters. These will make clearing lines and areas much easier and combo moves will really help you along.

    Any boosters that are left at the end of the level will trigger as well and can earn you coins.

  • Match the pieces near the bottom

    If you don't have any better opportunities to clear needed pieces then look for match potentials near the bottom of the game board. This will give you a better chance of creating more matches further up as the pieces fall and new ones appear, which can help you progress through the level faster.

  • Visit random neighbors

    Visiting other peoples’ mansions is a fun and useful part of the game. This lets you find furniture pieces or decorations that you don’t have and you can collect for free. Look for exclamation marks in other players’ houses and you will collect their selected items.

Power Ups and Boosters

In all match 3 type games, knowing what each power up and booster does can make the difference between completing the level or having to start over, here is our guide to each of the power ups and boosters in Matchington Mansion.

Match four tiles in a square pattern to create a firecracker. When you activate the Firecracker you will clear neighboring tiles.
Rocket Firecracker
Rocket Firecrackers clear all elements in a row or a column. Matching four pillows of a kind makes a Rocket Firecracker. Double tap on a Rocket Firecracker or swap it with any pillow to activate it.

The Rocket Firecracker can be either horizontal or vertical and which one it is depends on the way it was created. If you forget how it was created, then the icon will show it's direction.
Big Firecracker
The Big Firecracker is created by matching either 5 pillows in an L shape or a T shape.

Double tap on a Big Firecracker or swap it with any pillow to activate it. On activation it will take out a number of pillows in a medium radius.
Rainbow Bomb
Create the Rainbow Bomb by matching 5 tiles horizontally or vertically.

The Rainbow Bomb will remove from the board all pillows that are the same color as the one it is used to be activated on.
The Spoon destroys all elements on a grid without using a move. To use this booster, tap the Spoon icon and then the pillow or obstacle that you want to remove. You can buy the Spoon when you're already playing a level or get it as a reward during events.
The Broom removes a whole column and row of elements without using a move. To use this booster, tap the Broom icon and then the pillow or obstacle that you want to remove. You can buy the Broom when you're already playing a level or get it as a reward during events.
The Glove allows you to swap any two movable elements without using a move. To use this booster, tap the Glove icon, then tap the two elements you want to swap. You can buy the Glove when you're already playing a level or get it as a reward during events.
Propellers only appear in Bonus levels. Making a square match creates a Propeller. Double tap on a Propeller or swap it with any pillow to activate it. Once activated, it will destroy neighboring elements and then take flight, destroying another random target where it lands.


Thank you for checking out these tips and help for Matchington Mansion. If you have additional suggestions please let us know in the comments and if you have any questions for the game check out the Answers Page to ask it there or even help others.

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Matchington Mansion FAQs

We have 265 questions and 128 answers for Matchington Mansion. View Them

No one seems to know, what are the smiley face, mouse and tear drop in a circle for? I can't seem to touch or use it?? How do you use them?

You collect one smiley face each time you click on a mouse/trash/teardrop in your own mansion and 4 (or maybe 5?) when you find them by visiting other ppl’s mansions. The owner of the mansion also earns one smiley face in this case, and you can collect those you earn that way by visiting the wish tree. If you have any to collect, it will have a smiley face above. Once you have enough, you can exchange them to upgrade de wish tree/sand castle. ... + 2 More Answers

How to I get rid of the Halloween decorations?

For everyone trying to change the fence, I had the same issue but continued on with the game. (Spoiler alert about story) Apparently you can't change the fence until you get to part in the game where Bosworth runs into the fence with the car. That's when you have the option to change it which gives you more options for the fence when before it was just the main fence. As far as the pumpkins on the side of the door, I haven't been able to change those yet but I'm sure it's due to a similar situation of not getting to that part in the game yet where new plants can go there. The same probably goes for any other item you guys can't change yet. If it was the main one there previous to you getting the Halloween one (or other holiday decorations) then you'll have to wait until you get to the part where it gives you other options to place there. ... + 2 More Answers

What are the smiley faces you get when watering plants,catching mice etc for?

What does a glove and broom do? It’s like a help feature like the spoon

With the broom it sweeps things away and the glove will allow you to swap a space without using a move. So if you need a red pillow to move over 1 space to get a desired row use the glove.

Will you ever be able to finish a room that has expired?

I suspect not although perhaps they will make some available again at some point for those who haven't completed or started on them. For a full answer try contacting the game developers support as they should be able to tell you.

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Matchington Mansion Reviews

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Love the game. But, it's getting hard being on level 4800+ without getting any boosters like brooms,etc from the daily reward. Don't care about getting rugs and decor for the mansion when I'm in the ski lodge.

3.8 / 5.0

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