Matchington Mansion

Matchington Mansion

Matchington Mansion

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Matchington Mansion is an easy to play puzzle matching game in a similar style to the popular Homescapes. Play through a huge number of match 3 or more levels and follow along with the renovation of your own luxury mansion. Or at least it will be.

Here are our quick list of tips for getting started and playing well in Matchington Mansion. If you have any questions for the game please check the Answers Page and maybe you can help others too.

Collect all the coins you can.
Coins are useful in the game for helping you try try levels and restyle your mansion with new furniture and decorations. Earning them is easy but slow but the easiest way to make 500 coins in the game is by connecting it to your Facebook account. You should do this ASAP to get all the easy money and enjoy an easier start in the game.

Connecting to facebook is also important to backup your progress. When transferring to a new device or if you have to reinstall then you will need to have synced to a facebook account to do this.

Save moves at the end of your game
Another way to maximise your coin earnings is to play carefull on each level and save up as many unused moves as you can. Every move that you have left at the end of the level is turned into a special tile which will trigger and reward you with some coins.

Always go for the boosters
To get through those games faster and save the moves a good approach is to look for opportunities to match 4 or more and gain those special firecrackers and other boosters. These will make clearing lines and areas much easier and combo moves will really help you along.

Any boosters that are left at the end of the level will trigger as well and can earn you coins.

Match the pieces near the bottom
If you don't have any better opportunities to clear needed pieces then look for match potentials near the bottom of the game board. This will give you a better chance of creating more matches further up as the pieces fall and new ones appear, which can help you progress through the level faster.

Visit random neighbours
Visiting other peoples’ mansions is a fun and useful part of the game. This lets you find furniture pieces or decorations that you don’t have and you can collect for free. Look for exclamation marks in other players’ houses and you will collect their selected items.

Thank you for checking out these tips and help for Matchington Mansion. If you have additional suggestions please let us know in the comments and if you have any questions for the game check out the Answers Page to ask it there or even help others.

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I'm finally at a point where decorating the mansion is fun & I've gotten a lot of rooms decorated. Definitely buy the pig, coz as you win you get coins that can be redeemed for 5 extra lives.
3.7 / 5.0

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