School idol festival

Song Goals and Trophies
School idol festival Guide

Song Goals and Trophies

Song Goals and Trophies

These are bonuses you'll earn for meeting different milestones in a song. The rewards are scaled to the song's difficulty so completing the milestones on harder stones will give you better rewards compared to the milestones or song goals of easier songs / difficulty.

To view the goals for a particular song, press and hold the song's portrait. These milestones are divided to three categories:

This is the overall score you gained at the end of the song. Take note that the higher difficulty, the higher the required score will be for each rank. Not only that you need to perform well, but you also need a good team, preferably a set of idolized SR/URs to do the job for higher difficulty songs.

You'll get a combo chain as long as you don't miss, get "Bad" or "Good" when hitting the notes until the end of the song. Take note that the song's Combo goal is not tied with the other two; so it's possible to get a Full Combo but still come short of the overall score.

Song Goals and Trophies
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This trophy counts the number of times you have completed the song. Take note that the number of clears for each difficulty is counted separately.

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