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School idol festival Guide


Practice is the only way to level up your cards. This practically means "feeding" or "sacrificing" unwanted/ extra cards to give experience points to the main card. Each card will have a corresponding cost, depending on their level. This is a fair exchange since higher level / ranked cards give more EXP compared to the lower level ones. You can select up to 10 "Practice Partners" (a.k.a. fodders) at a time. You have to watch out for the main card's required experience to level up. There will be no warning if ever the given experience points exceeds the main card's max level; not being careful in this aspect means waste of money and cards.

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There are three possible outcomes that may trigger during the level up sequence. Success is the normal outcome while "Super Success" (x 1.5 EXP), and "Ultra Success" (x2 EXP) happens randomly.

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It is recommended to max out the level and bond of Normal idolized cards then "feed" them to your Rs, or even better, SRs and URs. This will free up your member list and will allow you to easily monitor your roster.

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